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Cedrics A Hope In The Unseen Essay

In the book A Hope in the Unseen tells about a boy named Cedric that is ready to go into college. In his high school years he struggled because the school separated the smart people from the other people that attended the school. Cedric tried not to d out for much from the crowd from the time that he spent his years in high school. There are things that he didn’t know and things that he did know but still he has to learn from the mistakes. In the first chapter, Cedric tried to stay away from school assembly and other people that tried to pick on the smart people that get all A’s.

At Mayor Marion Barry they give students that are at the top of their class for four years they’re able to receive a hundred dollars for being the smartest. The students go to the pep rally and they start to call the people that earned the money, but they don’t really want to show up at the pep rally they learned that if they go they will get singled out and the other students start to get mad as well as call the smart people names. The students know that they would get money, but they didn’t want to get picked on from the other students that were there that didn’t get money.

He goes to a teacher’s class to study for his classes that he had to improve his grades to get to the college that he wants. He tried to keep his distance from the smart people that went to the school for he wouldn’t get picked on at school even though they were giving him money for the good grades that he had at the school. At the fought of his middle school Cedric’s name was put up as well as the other students that were smart to show other students who was at the top of the class.

This experience helped him by not giving up and he didn’t know being in the top of the school could be bad, but still it he didn’t give up on what he thought what was right. When Cedric gets back his SAT scores he had improve on his math scores by going up and having a score of five hundred and eighty. In the story it says, “Cedric’s 580 math from this time and the 380 verbal from the last time to total 960. ” It shows that Cedric is a smart person that worries about school and wants to get good grades.

He wants to be at the top of the school while he’s still in high school. He wants to be at the top of his school to be able to get into a college that could accept him right away. He learned from this by having a greater chance to getting into a college and still having the opportunity to help someone else with what they need. Education can affect a student by learning how to improve on their SAT scores because it can help get them into a college that they might want to get into or if they get interested in a college that might have what they want for their future.

With education Cedric was able to improve on his scores and do better on what he was having trouble with when taking the SAT. Cedric applies at a college that is called “Brown. ” In the story it says, “Cedric has read more about the college, picking through every college guide he could find. ” He is researching the colleges that he would go to and find out more about the college before applying to a college. He’s trying to find a college that would be a place that could challenge him to do better.

He didn’t know that having look at that college that he would be able to get in. In the story Cedric fills out most of the application for Brown. It took Cedric time to think about that college before just applying to the college. He took the time to find out what the school was manly known for and what Cedric might like if he goes to that college. With the research that was done he was able to learn more about the college and without doing the research he wouldn’t have known about the college as well as what they were really known for at Brown college.

In the story Cedric says,” I realize that I used to be into grades and test scores and awards, but if I strip myself of all of these things and look at myself in the mirror, can I honestly say that I know who | am and where I am going. ” Cedric doesn’t know who he would really be without having school or where he would be without school. He starts to think about who he would be without having school. He doesn’t know a life without school and he start to wonder about it and how it would feel. Education is a big part of Cedric’s life and it keeps him going and he’s focused about his studies.

Cedric got accepted to The College of Brown University. (Page 111) He was confident about getting into the college. He was still shocked as if it was a miracle to get into the university. He was happy to get into the college that he wanted by working hard on his studies and having good grades that was able to get colleges interested in him. Cedric didn’t really know if he would get into the college. He experiences shock when he gets the letter and now knowing what it says before opening the letter, but when he opens the letter he feels joyful for having gotten into the university.

In the story Cedric feels that there are limits to what a person can do. Cedric says,” There is no limit to what you can do or where you can go, if you don’t mind who gets the credit. ” He thinks that you can do more than you think, but there is so much that one person can do, but some other person might take the credit for what that person did. He experiences doubt from people that try to take credit from other people that worked hard for what they worked for and deserve the credit. He didn’t know that there are people that might have already taken credit for someone else work and he might not even know.

Cedric says, “Sounds like you had to fight every step of the way. ” He didn’t know how hard that that person had to work to get where he is with hard work. He doesn’t know the effort or time that it took to get where he’s at right know. He won’t know about what that person felt like because he never went through the same thing, but he can feel sympathy for him. He experiences that not everyone will have the same advantages as most people that live.

Cedric is a boy that goes to a college and when he’s there he says, “Try to say to yourself, I’m not a black person I’m just a person. He tries to think of himself another person at that school even though he’s a different color from the other people. He doesn’t know that some people don’t care about the color of their skin. He expe9riences that some people have to worry about what they look like from the outside. When they ask Cedric was asked about what he what he thinks what he’s going to major in. He replies with the thinking about majoring in math. He doesn’t know that there are more jobs that he could get but he could still do the things he likes. He experiences somethings that could help him in the long run.

He thinks about what he might go for in the future and not have to worry about what he might want to be before it’s too late to think about. Cedric believes that “There is nothing that me and my god can’t handle. ” He shows that with his faith he’s able to go through life by believing in his god. He tries to stay with his religion and keep going on with his life by not giving up on what he believe. He can still find some place in his life with faith. He experiences that he could go through life with his faith and keep going without losing what he thinks is right.

Cedric remembers about what someone told him, “saying that sometimes make them happen. ” By having so many thing to handle can be too much for one person and that Cedric shouldn’t put so many things at once. He tries to balance five classes for the second semester but it was too much. With so many courses that he was taking he want able to balance them out so he was able to choose ether to take one out or have to struggle with the course that he’s taking. In the end he took one of the courses out and it help

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