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Philadelphia Owl Research Paper

“The problem with Philadelphia fans is that they want you to play every game like it’s your last” (Swartz, Bryn). The Philadelphia Eagles franchise has many interesting facts about its past. At one time Philadelphia even represented the whole state of Pennsylvania for football. During many of the changes the team has experienced, the franchise has improved tremendously in its cultural aspect and the environmental relevance. Not only does this franchise have one of the most unique backgrounds but it also has a huge and dedicated fan base.

The city of Philadelphia hasn’t always been the home of the Eagles but it has definitely made the biggest contribution to the franchise. Imagine owning a team full of superstars that led the National Football League in every stat for many years, but reaching one day were the whole team wanted to retire during the same week. Philadelphia’s first football team was named the Frankford Yellow Jackets which was founded in 1899. That franchise continued for 32 years until the team fell apart.

A great pairing of people, Bert Bell and Lud Wray, created the Philadelphia Eagles franchise in 1933 (Philadelphia Eagles Team History | Pro Football Hall of Fame Official Site). After Bell and Wray failed to keep the Yellow Jackets alive, they succeeded to make an even better organization. When the Eagles’ club was added, the Pittsburgh Steelers had to share their home state of Pennsylvania once again. With the National Football League struggling to keep teams and players associated in the league, the Eagles and the Steelers even had to combine their organizations together for the 1941 season.

The team was called Philadelphia-Pittsburgh and the Steagles as both of the clubs played in Philadelphia as their home city (Philadelphia Eagles Team History | Pro Football Hall of Fame Official Site). Once the Steelers returned back home the next year, the Eagles restarted their franchise with many ups and downs. In the next couple of years the Eagles couldn’t find a rhythm until they found the head coach Greasy Neale. Even while facing the Great Depression Neale was able to coach the Eagles to two National Championships, three division titles, and developed four Hall of Fame members all in 10 years.

He was by far the most successful coach the Eagles signed in the early years. After Neale retired, the team once again went on a drought. The drought lasted for five years until coach Buck Shaw showed up to rebuild the team. It only took Shaw three years before he led the Eagles to another National Championship win. But so much for rebuilding, Shaw was fired three years later after not reaching the playoffs again. The Philadelphia Eagles reached the most depressive time in their franchise during an eighteen year playoff drought starting in 1960. In 1975, the Eagles received the head coach Dick Vermeil.

It took Vermeil three years to lead the team to a playoff and he continued it for the next three consecutive years as well. Finally the team reached its’ first Super Bowl in 1981 but ended up losing 27-10. Seven years later in 1988 the Eagles start a five year consecutive playoff run with also having ten or more wins each of those seasons. Finishing out the 19th century Philadelphia finally finds a well fitted coach, Andy Reid (Miller, Bret). In Reid’s fourteen years he coached the Eagles to making the playoffs nine times, winning the division six times, and brought them to the Super Bowl once.

So far in the twentieth century it has been Andy Reid dominating and a follow up of less fortunate coaches after him. The Eagles have yet to find a more versatile coach even after picking up a former college coach and a former offensive coordinator. But despite the ongoing changes and rough times, the Eagles have built a dominant franchise across many aspects. Over time the team has had four Hall of Fame coaches, eleven Hall of Fame players, and has retired nine numbers from their great players.

The eight different owners that this team has had have made a tremendous change in this franchise also. They have caused six stadium relocations, currently at Lincoln Financial Field which was built in 2003, made twelve different logos as their own, and has created a mascot for the team in 2005 (Philadelphia Eagles Team History | Pro Football Hall of Fame Official Site). The history behind this franchise isn’t the most fascinating topic though, Philadelphia is one of the most widely known religious teams in the National Football League.

The Philadelphia Eagles have not only had two former players that were rated top three religious players on and off the field, but they also have a current team pastor. In October of 2016, Trey Burton, the team pastor, baptized five of his teammates. Fifteen more players on the team prayed around them as they were being baptized (Philadelphia Eagles Player Has Baptized 5 of His Teammates). Trey Burton has always used faith in his daily life and believes God has played a major role in him being able to heal from injuries.

As an example, in the beginning of the 2016 season Burton was experiencing a calf injury which would make him miss several weeks, possibly months. The day after he was diagnosed with the injury, he asks a couple of his friends to lay hands on him and pray, as well as his wife, children, and another friend later that night. Sure enough he felt totally fine the next day and only ended up only missing one game (Philadelphia Eagles Player Has Baptized 5 of His Teammates). Trey has a colossal effect on today’s Eagles with his spirituality and compassion.

Recently many players have forged a bond through their spirituality. Many players on the team today use faith as a primary role in their life. Starting back two years ago, the 2015 season, the team’s facility established a Bible study and scripture text chains for every Thursday night. Starting this previous season, the team’s hotel hosted late-night prayer sessions every night before a game. Even the backup quarterback Chase Daniel hosts a couples Bible study each week that usually attracts twenty to twenty-five people (Philadelphia Eagles Player Has Baptized 5 of His Teammates).

Currently the team encourages players and their families to participate in those activities. Carson Wentz, a 2016 rookie, shares about the team saying, “It’s just a better atmosphere on Sundays, we may lose, things may not go our way, but to be with those guys and to have a positive environment in this locker room — not just only Christian brothers, but everybody — it just brings out a better atmosphere. ” (Philadelphia Eagles Player Has Baptized 5 of His Teammates) Chase Daniel, even with being associated with four other teams, was able to add, “This is by far the most spiritual team I’ve been on. Philadelphia Eagles Player Has Baptized 5 of His Teammates)

The Philadelphia Eagles have definitely made some cultural improvements on its’ franchise in the last couple of years but has also progressed economically. If someone were to buy the great team of Philadelphia today, they would have to pay around $2. 4 billion (Mobile). The last time the team was bought was in 1994 by Jeffrey Lurie for $195 million. But aside from just the team, the stadium and around the stadium has been quite a change. The stadium just recently added solar power panels which has become the largest solar power system in the NFL.

Along the very top of the stadium there are also fourteen wind turbines. The system costed $30 million but in a stretch of 20 years the team will save $60 million. Another addition to the stadium was free wifi which didn’t cost the stadium much to install (Community). The solar power system isn’t just better for the economy though, it helps the environment greatly. The environment is not just explained as the surroundings for the team, the social environment for this versatile team has also paid dividends. The cultural connection with the team has helped with the great environment.

Safety, Chris Maragos, was recently interviewed by “Unpackin’ it” about his position on the team and what he thinks of the team. Before they asked him about his view, the interviewer asked, “So what are your off season plans this summer? ” Chris responds with, “… fishing with some of my teammate buddies down in Florida. I also might get a few Bible studies in when i get back to the facility…” Chris shows that his teammates aren’t for just on the field but he also has a close relationship with them off the field. He also brings up the idea of the Bible studies held every week with more of his teammates and their family’s.

The interviewer’s next question was, “What are the similarities of this Eagles team and the Super Bowl winning Seahawks? ” Chris said, “… Another great similarity is that this team has a great environment and it is fun to grow with…” After Chris finishes his answer, the reporter brings up, “What difference has following Jesus really made in your life? ” Chris responds, “… It is a great opportunity to do what God calls us to do… That whatever you do and what your career is, is something that God has created for you to do and to reflect those good things onto other people…

While explaining that in the game of football God plays a big role. One of the last questions he asks Chris is,“How much of an improvement has this new facility been to you? ” Chris said, “… This facility has treated me very well and has brought many new things to the table as far as more ways able to bond with the teammates… This environment and really everyone here as much as the fan base has made this team one of the best…” (INTERVIEW with Philadelphia Eagles Player, Chris Maragos) Chris Maragos shows great passion into what positive ways he thinks of this team and so does many other players for the Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles have not only one of the most interesting back stories but it also has brought great compassion and faith into the game of football. From starting with a team that’s failed to a team that has one of the most dedicated fan base, the Eagles have overcome many obstacles. The franchise has progressed tremendously over many years past and show no signs in stopping. The Eagles may not fly over their opponent but they sure do fly high for a great environment. Philadelphia would never be where it is now without the help of its perpetual franchise.

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