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Non Christian Research Paper

What does God intend for man to do on his short visit to earth? This is a question that both the Christian and non Christian has. The difference in the two is that the Christian will say that his or her life is to serve God and to have a life that honors Him. Although, the non Christian really doesn’t know what to do except for make a good living have a normal life and thats all they can see is what is in this life. For the Christian it is much different, we have life beyond death through Christ in heaven. As for the non Christian they also have eternal life, but it will not be over like they expected.

We all have a choice of salvation in life, some choose to love and cherish it, but others would rather go on their sinful way and not have salvation. Man has done this ever since human life began with Adam and Eve. Some people choose to believe the truth of how earth really began and others tend to stray away from what the Bible says of how the earth began and then create their own ideas of how they think it could have happened. In the Bible it says in Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth.

Although the Holy Bible says the truth in the very first verse, we have all kinds of creation theories like evolution, the big bang theory, Indian folk tales, and all sorts of things about how we and our fellow human race were invented. All of the ideas about creation aside from the Holy Bible, are sinful. Man has been sinful ever since it was created, Adam and Eve showed that. In the beginning Adam and Eve were created by God and the world was sinless and perfect. God told Adam and Eve that they could do anything but they could not eat of the tree in the Garden of Eden, which was called the tree of good and evil.

After God told them this, the devil in the form of a snake, tempts Eve to eat the fruit of the tree of good and evil. The serpent told her that she would be the same as God only if she would eat of the fruit from the tree of good and evil. Eve fell into the temptation and ate of the fruit. Adam also partake of the eating of the fruit and that was when they both noticed that they were naked and looked for things to clothe themselves with. This is the fall of man. Sin has been in our lives ever since the beginning of time.

It is our human nature to sin and only Jesus can save us from all of our sins that we have or will ever commit. Even though we cannot help but sin because we are human, we can sin less but we cannot be sinless and Jesus knew that as a fact. This is why we needed Jesus to come die on the cross for us and save all humanity from our sins, so that we will have the opportunity to accept salvation and live a life after death with Him eternally in Heaven. Some people choose to accept the great gift of salvation, but others choose to go along their own way.

Man’s own way is sinful and not in line with God. It is our sinful nature that makes us want to turn away from God. Does this mean that there is no hope for man? The answer is absolutely not, there are wonderful Christians all over this wonderful place that God has blessed us so to have life here. Some have a few “dances with the devil” as some might call it, before they came to Christ. That does not mean that they are any less saved than the person who has acted good their whole life and have never been out of line with God.

God does not see any difference in sin and when you ask for forgiveness for your sins the slate is wiped clean for you. This is because Jesus has saved you from all of your sins and everyone has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, therefore all people need Jesus and His salvation that He so generally offers to all of man kind, if only we will accept it. In the beginning Adam and Eve were both told straight from God to not eat of the fruit from the tree of good and evil. Yes, they are human, so they disobeyed God and ate of the fruit from the tree.

This still goes on today with people everywhere, even Christians. We all mess up, and God graciously forgives us, but God has told us through his word on how we should act and what to do and what not to do. Even though God tells us this crystal clear through his word like He did so clearly with Adam and Eve in the beginning, we still disobey the God of everything. Again, we always need to stay thankful for what Jesus did for us on the cross and for God giving us direction on how to live our life for him through his holy word. Good characteristics of men can only come from the Bible.

A true good man through and through would be well rooted in the Holy Bible and would have a strong relationship with God. To the world a good man would be a man who is nice, kind, has a decent job maybe, and overall just has a good life. The Biblical man is way different meaning that good men are rooted in the faith and practice it routinely by going to church, but not only does he need to practice it in the church, he needs to increase his relationship always with God. Although, the world is not sweet and easy and no evil anywhere, you have the good and the bad.

Society looks at “bad” people as people who have sinned, broke the law, or go on their on pathway to destruction. Most of the time society will exclude them and label them as “bad” , but Jesus is not society. When Jesus sees you He sees His son and thats what Jesus did when He died on the cross, he took our place and our punishment so that we would not have to. God loves you at all times, even when you sin, because God loves the sinner but hates the sin. Sin affects you and your life. Even when God forgives you, you still have to deal what happens after you sin here.

Some consequences could be a young person getting grounded from their cell phone or when you get older and you sin and its against the law, of course the punishment would be however much jail time that the court sees fit for your actions. Man may have a sinful nature but there are still consequences for thet even though the Good Lord forgives you. God has a plan for each and everyone in man kind and every plan is specially planned by God. Some people wonder what God’s plan is for them, but its not for them to know. That is when you just let go and let God do His thing in your life and it will flow much smoother.

He also has a purpose just like He has a plan for us, He has a purpose for us. Our purpose in life is so that we can spread the good word of Jesus and make disciples to all of the earth and to bring glory and honor to our Lord. We please God by doing what we are asked and what He calls us to do. The purpose of man is in every person. No one life is worthless and only God has the power to take away life, not yourself, not a doctor, only God. In this world we have evil things that are approved, like abortion, do you think it was what God wanted was for millions of doctors to kill millions of innocent, unborn lives.

God put them there for a reason and that reason or purpose was not so that it could be formed in the womb and then killed in the womb. Abortion doctors fail to let babies live and to see what God would have done with his or her life and to see God’s purpose live out through him or her. Although abortion doctors kill innocent lives that God has blessed people with and if not the woman giving birth will be blessed by the baby, there will be a family i am sure that would love to have a child to raise and to love.

If they were to ask God for forgiveness and repent then they will be forgiven. Even though we know that we do not deserve it God gives us forgiveness anyway no matter what. If man had no forgiveness from God the penalty would be death, for the wages of sin are death. Man is not perfect, not even close, that is why we needed Jesus to come save us. Man cannot do it on their own, they have to rely on God to get them through and that is what man is, not a perfect being, but reliant.

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