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Essay about Wells Fargo Case Study

Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR can be defined as the continuing commitment by businesses to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workplace as well as the community and society at large. Examples of CSR include environmental practices, philanthropy work, and ethical labor practices.
Wells Fargo has identified nineteen key goals, some of which include environmental finance, community development, foreclosure prevention, supplier diversity, and community service. The company also focuses on environmental sustainability, community investment, product and service responsibility and ethical business practices. The two main focuses of this paper are environmental sustainability and community…

Wells Fargo sent out posters and pamphlets to all of the offices to prepare their team members on Wells Fargo’s energy reductions campaign. All team members were encouraged to attend a conference on Wells Fargo’s greenhouse gas emissions and for tips on everyday action. All of the posters and pamphlets that the team members received went along with the conference. Most of the posters were hung in break rooms in the offices, allowing team members to view them when they were in the break room. All managers in the offices gave talking points to bring into their meetings with team members. Wells Fargo did this to make sure that their employees were always conscious on their living habits and how it would affect the planet.
Recognizing Achievement
Wells Fargo also recognized the idea to reward their team members for all the work they were doing with their environmental sustainability campaign. A French American visual artist Suzanne Husky was hired to design a trophy made from recycled goods. Wells Fargo had each office keep track of how they were doing with each individual campaign. The office that did the best in each individual campaign would be given the opportunity to have the trophy for a period of time before it would move to the next office. Wells Fargo wanted to reward their employees for doing well in everything they had asked of them….

Wells Fargo includes a program that helps homeowners who are having trouble making their monthly mortgage payments. They work with homeowners, providing them with a solution that works well for them and the bank.
Even though only two of the four CSR that Wells Fargo is working to improve on were mentioned in this paper, the company is working daily to improve itself in the eyes of the public and their workers. Wells Fargo is a company with a long and rich history, but they are forever changing. By 2020, Wells Fargo hopes to achieve some of the best CSR practices in the country. They are doing their best to make sure that they are doing well for the environment as well as their community outreach program.
Wells Fargo believes in community ethic of giving and assisting. They are also proactive with encouragement and action to reduce their carbon footprint on the world. The company believes in creating a better world than how they found it. Although not all ideas will be embraced by the public and even rejected, Wells Fargo is an ever-changing company, as is the…

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