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Case Study: Meet Caesar Barber Essay

“Whoever snuck the “S” into “Fast Food” was one clever person, and a tricky one as well. ” Meet Caesar Barber, a 56 year maintenance worker who weighs astonishingly 295 pounds. He can go for months by just living on McDonald’s. This, as he realized, can come to be a problem. Caesar recently got a surprise heart attack from constantly eating all greasy foods. His doctor suggests that he starts going on a diet to lose around 100 pounds. 300 pounds is very well above average for his age. Barber claims that the fast food restaurants don’t give their health information on their products that they make for their customers.

He states that the restaurants, such as Burger King, KFC, Wendy’s, and all fast food chains are the reason why he had a heart attack. In my opinion, Caesar is taking this matter way too far. It’s his life, his diet, and his choice. If he decides to eat these foods every day, than he should accept the results. Suing places such as McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, and Wendy’s isn’t going to get him anywhere. But is Caesar Barber getting his fair share of the deal? Is the fast food chains the real problem he had a heart attack from eating their food?

Or is it Barber’s love for the food, and his unawareness of the nutrition information? According to Barber’s lifestyle, and the choices he’s made, it’s impossible to eat just one McDonald’s french fry, without consuming the whole bag. In my opinion, I believe that Caesar Barber should attempt to control his craving for the unhealthy foods, and that if he wants to sue for no information, he should really look into figuring out how much he should have a day and what it could do to his health if he continuously eats the greasy food.

Caesar Barber claims that the fast food restaurant chains don’t give out their nutritional information to their customers. I know, for a fact, that if you truly want to get information, you can look on the nutrition fact side of whatever meal you are eating. You can even ask the manager, or even an employee of the area for what’s in the meal that you have ordered. The restaurants have a lot going on, and they don’t have time to tell each individual what they use to cook their meals. If you really are concerned in what’s being put into your meal, than you should really look into it to discover what you’re eating.

Don’t blindside the opponent by not complaining until you decide to sue them. If you actually have a problem of what you’re eating, properly address the matter to the manager and simply ask for a list of what is being added into their food. Barber is an adult, and he should be capable of handling his own situations. Fast food can be very harmful to your body if not controlled. Fast food is usually supposed to be a meal that you eat if you don’t have any food at home, or you just want to get out of the house for a meal, not your daily routine.

Your body can’t handle so much grease, and fat that you enter into your body. It can’t handle all of the unhealthy meals on a daily basis. If Barber chooses to continue the daily routine of unhealthy foods constantly, than he has to accept the consequences. It’s not healthy to continuously eat the same junk food and not add in a healthy salad, an apple, or even fruits and vegetables. If Caesar is going to sue because he doesn’t know what’s in the meal, he should make sure that he knows what’s in it.

Most of all fast food restaurants have added a nutritious value chart so that the customers can observe the calories and sodium in their meal if they’re on a diet, or they want to not gain weight. Many obese people claim that eating fast food is just like smoking a cigarette, but I don’t recall any harsh chemical in McDonald’s fries that keep you constantly coming back. Millions of excuses are being made, comparing highly-addictive cigarettes to a controllable fast food diet.

Yes, cigarettes can come to be a daily habit and a very bad habit. ut it’s not the same comparing it to fast food chains. Nicotine, which is the highly addictive chemical in cigarettes, is not included in McDonald’s food, which means it easier to quit your unhealthy diet than it is to forever quit smoking. Mr. Caesar Barber obviously has a taste for money, and he could easily start up a lawsuit against restaurants like Wendy’s, KFC, Burger King, and McDonalds in under five seconds, but he can’t take five seconds out of his own, personal time to go look at the nutritional menu that almost every fast food restaurant has?

Seems like Barber can head straight for the money and attention, yet he couldn’t look for the right details that prove his suggestion wrong. As I have learned, you can’t start an argument without the right details and supporting facts that can back you up to prove your side of the argument true. You can’t simply walk into this argument, with two sides, and expect to win when you’ve came in with nothing and you don’t have anything to back you up. Being very overweight, and continuing to eat unhealthy food, can lead to be an extremely serious problem, especially for Barber.

He doesn’t understand that if you continue to eat foods that can be bad for you, than that can lead to serious problems. Fast food places, such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King should not be every day meals. Once in awhile, you can go out and get a meal at one of those places, but Caesar Barber chose it as a lifestyle. It’s like he’s asking for a heart attack all again. Caesar Barber is a man who seems thirsty for attention, and he’s also thirsty for unhealthy drinks.

In order for him to actually have a good case and a good reason so he can win his lawsuit, e needs to realize that if you continue to have a pattern of unhealthy meals constantly, that he’s practically begging for another heart attack. Caesar Barber is a grown man, and he should be able to take care of his own If Caesar’s not being aware of the possible outcomes for eating fast food all of the time, than he should be able to take care of his own health without going and suing all the restaurants. If Barber can accept, that if he continues to eat this unhealthy, lifestyle, he won’t live a healthy life.

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