What could be worse than losing your mind, while your body has many years to run? Knowing that when you reach at least 80 years old, a third of the world’s populations will be diagnosed with dementia. More likely about 70% can be caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is the progressive decline in cognitive function … Read more

What Is Huntington’s Disease

The World in the eyes of everyday people do not see what awful things that are taking place in those around them. Huntington’s disease is a fatal illness in which those who develop this have no chance of survival. The disease deteriorates one’s ability to function properly and their way of living. Not only does … Read more

Essay on Organ Trail Worksheet

Tissues Describe the four types of tissues. Epithelium Function Epithelial tissue covers the whole surface of the body. It is made up of cells closely packed, in one of more layers. Characteristics 1. Covers the whale surface of the body surface 2. Cells are densely packed together 3. Epithelial tissue can repair and regenerate itself … Read more

Dysarthria Case Study Examples Essay

This woman presents with a moderately-severe dysarthria, with 85% intelligibility in known contexts and 80% intelligibility in unknown contexts. Primary characteristics of the dysarthria are forced audible inspiration, forced inspiration-expiration, strained-strangled voice, voice stoppages, imprecise consonants, inappropriate silence, reduced stress, and slow rate. The client’s overall intelligibility was not greatly affected, since her single word … Read more

Hindbrain Function Essay

The introduction briefly talks about the hindbrain, its location, structure and highlights its main functions. It also talks about how the hindbrain is divided. The next topic is about Structure and Function. It first starts with the functions of the hind brain and then mentions each and every function of the brainstem, that it, the … Read more