The four laws of thermodynamics

Thermodynamic is a part of physics that deals with temperature and heat and how they are related to work and energy. In other words, it explains the transfer of energy from one thing to another and its form changes. This is very useful and applies to many works of engineering and science. Nicholas Leonard Sadi … Read more

Carnot Engine

How does an engine work? Which thermodynamic cycle does it follow? Well, a Carnot cycle is a thermodynamic cycle that gives us the best efficiency possible. It involves two reversible isothermal transitions and two reversible adiabatic transitions. But what exactly is a Carnot engine? Let us study more about it below. Suggested Videos Carnot Engine … Read more

Analysis of the Mollier diagram to simplify the calculations of thermodynamic magnitudes

The enthalpy-entropy chart, also known as the Mollier diagram, has different technical applications. It is widely used to estimate the enthalpy of pure substances and the mixtures of substances that are most frequently found in Engineering. Mollier’s chart serves to simplify calculations of enthalpy, entropy, pressure, temperature, specific volume and the quality of steam and … Read more