Connection Between Forgiveness And Redemption

Perspectives on Redemption and Forgiveness Trying to draw fine lines about redemption can be tricky; however, I’ve always found that it goes hand in hand with forgiveness. In most situations, redemption begins with being forgiven by whoever it is that you wronged. There isn’t a sure-fire way to gain forgiveness from a person after you’ve … Read more

Eva Kor, Forgiving Doctor Mengele

The mind of a child is malleable, like a hunk of clay. Many things throughout the development of a child can change the outcome of that individual. The amount of love that child receives, social interaction, the parenting style, and environment he or she is raised in are all factors. In a developing child, those … Read more

An Importance Of Forgiveness

Forgotten Friends “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” (Gandhi, 1958). I believe that forgiveness is an important aspect in every bodies life. I know that it is really emphasized in some religions, but even as a non-religious person I can understand it’s value and importance in relationships, and your … Read more

An Issue Of Forgiveness In An Article by Andy Merolla

Abstract: In the article, In the wake of transgressions: Examining forgiveness communication in personal relationships, styles of forgiveness communication are examined in association with determinants of forgiveness. Research is done examining how forgiveness is communicated, the type of forgiveness style, and the association of overall relational satisfaction as it relates to these. It is found … Read more

A Theme Of Forgiveness In Frankenstein Novel

Frankenstein Forgiveness is to grant pardon for or remission of. Forgiving is key to a happy and unregretful life. Some people lack the ability to forgive, which can make them depressed, isolated, regretful, or even suicidal. In Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein, the monster’s lack of forgiveness of his creator, society, and self, leads to his … Read more