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The Effects Of Alcohol On The Brain

Although alcohol is sometimes seen as a recreation, it is truly a deadly substance. To start, by prohibiting alcohol, it will prevent the physical symptoms of alcohol. Also, by making alcohol unauthorized for consumption, people will also be avoiding health problems. In addition,alcohol contains hazerdous chemicals that are unhealthy towards humans. To add, alcohol also has a numerous amount of non-benefits toward human nutrients consumption. To sum up, by making alcohol unauthorized for consumption, all of these facts will come into action and make society a better place.

As long as alcohol is legal, it may continue to cause terrible physical symptoms toward numerous people. First of all, alcohol can cause various physical symptoms on the human body that are quite shocking. Alcohol can affect the coordination of an alcoholic or drunk person. A person who has been exposed to alcohol can also have symptoms toward his/her vision, sight may become blurry. An alcoholic can also develope slowed reflexes when drunk or being associated with alcohol. Alcohol can also cause someone to develop a slurred voice from alcoholism or being drunk.

Initially, alcohol has also taken it’s toll on people’s mental abilities, and not in a good way. This horrible beverage has also affected people’s memory, when a person becomes drunk or over consumes alcohol they might have memory lapses until sober. Alcoholic’s may also have blackouts occur when drunk or using alcohol. Alcohol has also triggered depression in alcoholics, and when alcoholics are depressed they drink for comfort. All in all, alcohol (for some people) can also result in sick feelings throughout body that are physically unenjoyable. One of the symptoms of alcohol is followed by Insomnia or even over sleeping.

Alcohol also can cause painful stomach pains due to damage of the stomach’s inner liner. Followed by the fact that alcohol can cause sickening feelings, it can also begin the uprise of vomiting due to alcohol poisoning in body. This hazardous drink has also made the people who consume it start to feel nausea. In Brief, alcohol has (for many people) resulted in ever so many physical symptoms in people who consume alcohol, but if alcohol becomes unavailable to the public or at all, all these symptoms can be refrained from affecting more people than it already has taken it’s toll on.

In like manner, alcohol has resulted in endless amounts of health issues. To start, alcohol has caused health problems that not only harm it’s victims, but also leave behind risk’s of other diseases that could be developed. High blood pressure can increase the chances of developing a heart attack or stroke, which (usually) can kill people. When alcohol is exposed to pancreas, it causes the pancreas to react by releasing a toxic/deadly substance that can lead to pancreatitis, a harmful inflammation and swelling in blood vessels inside of the pancreas that can be followed by improper digestion.

This spirit has also had the effect of causing the heart muscles to become weaker which can affect the lungs, liver, brain, and other body systems. As well as, this liquor has also lead to various diseases that could affect the human body drastically. Many people have been exposed to the cancer consequences of alcohol, but the kinds of cancers that can be developed are cancer in the mouth ,esophagus, throat, liver, and breast’s. The human heart can also develop an irregular heartbeat and is also affected by alcohol by growing high blood pressure.

This Intoxicant can also enroot it’s victims’ with health problems like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic lung disease, fatal diseases, and diabetes etc. In Addition, the mental effects on a human from using alcohol can be surprisingly fascinating, but sad. One of the effects of alcohol on the brain is changing the way the brain looks and works. Another cause of this deadly beverage on the mental status of the brain, is that it disrupts the brain pathways that brain signals go through.

Alcohol can also result in interfering with how a person can think clearly which makes it difficult for that person to focus on one thing at a time. Ultimately, alcohol has left it’s mark inside so many victims who have associated themselves with alcohol, but little do alcoholic’s know that the more they drink, the more they are getting closer and closer to earning deadly diseases inside their system. Firstly, even though alcohol is thought to be bad for you,it also has some harmful chemicals that might be the suspect.

First thing’s first, alcoholics might think that there is no such thing as over consuming alcohol, but in fact, there is, the consumption of alcohol has it’s limits, and sometimes, some people have to learn the hard way by poor consumption time choices. By drinking too much alcohol, it may not only result in being drunk, but probably a trip to the hospital from consuming too much alcohol and getting alcohol poisoning which often results in death. When someone consumes too much alcohol all at one time it can also be considered as a toxic amount. When a person consumes alcohol all at once, it may also result in high blood pressure.

Primarily, alcohol has cost so many people their health and lives, but the main suspect may be the chemical’s it contains. Alcohol surprisingly contains ethanol which is a gas chemical that is often used as a car fuel in Brazil. Obviously, alcohol contains liquor which is a distilled alcoholic drink. Alcohol has to also go through the process of fermentation while being made and the reaction of the sugar in food and yeast or bacteria making contact, is that they create carbon dioxide and ethanol, which are the by products of the mix. In addition, the side effects of alcoholic chemicals on the body can be shocking.

Confusion can also be developed in an alcoholic or person who is over consuming alcohol all at once. Followed by the person is at risk to go into a coma when drunk. If someone is drunk, they supposedly end up breathing slowly or shallow breathing which sometimes could indicate that this person is in need of an E. R. In Conclusion, alcohol contains these chemicals that are harmful, causes deadly side effects, and how some of the chemicals can be created through it’s process of alcohol’s own creation, but these can be avoided by people either stopping the consumption of alcohol, or it can become unauthorized.

To begin, the loss of nutrients consumption in alcohol has silently caused millions of people to have weight issues, lose vitamins, and not consume needed nutrients. To Start, alcohol has ended in not giving any important vitamins to the human body. The human body relies on needed vitamins on vitamin B1, zinc vitamin B12, and folic acid to keep working. By keeping on consuming alcohol, it might end up causing the B vitamin family to wipe out. Thiamin is also critical to human life and nutrients consumption. Also, Alcohol can also affect the weight of it’s consumer.

People who consume alcohol regularly are at risk of gaining weight. The B1 vitamin is in charge of proteins, fat, and formation of hemoglobin. To end, needed nutrients is lost by consuming alcohol. Vitamins are lost during the process of drinking alcohol. Proteins are also lost when consuming this deadly beverage. Important minerals for the body are left out when someone is drinking alcohol. Finally, alcohol has resulted in causing loss of nutrients consumption for humans, and all these reasons have showed why alcohol is truly a killer.

Firstly, so many people think alcohol may be bad, but it has it’s benefits. To Start, alcohol may have caused diseases, but it has some good health benefits too. Alcohol can lengthen someone’s life and help them live longer. Alcohol can also prevent the common cold from affecting the human body. Alcohol can also reduce chances of getting diabetes. Also, by consuming alcohol, a person will also be lowering the risks of getting certain diseases. Alcohol consumption can lower the risks of cardiovascular disease in the body.

This harmless beverage can also prevent heart disease. Alcohol can even reduce a human’s chances of getting a stroke. Initially, there is an improvement made on the body from drinking alcohol. Alcohol can improve someone’s libido. Lastly, alcohol has numerous benefits that prove it’s harmless to the human body and should not be made unauthorized to the public. In the first place, I agree that alcohol should be unauthorized to the public due to what it can do to people. To Start off, alcohol can cause health issues and damage the human immune system drastically.

Also, this harmful liquor has also ended in affecting people with physical symptoms that are quite unpleasant. Lastly, alcohol contains no nutrients to nourish the human body, and this is vital for alcoholics. To Conclude, Alcohol is a vicious substance that has destroyed lives, immune systems, and people in horrible ways, how can this be prevented? One simple answer, alcohol should stop being produced to the public society and by doing this, it will not only save lives, but prevent problems with drunk driving and health issues.

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