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The Other Wes Moore Theme Essay

Wes could feel like he is being rejected by his dad. He never had a male figure to teach him right from wrong besides Tony. Tony never did the right thing himself nor help him self in any situation. He never felt like his father was a man Wes could look up to him a positive way or even feel emotionally connected to. This book was written by Wes Moore who was a Rhodes scholar and military veteran. Two kids named Wes Moore were both born in the state of New York. Both Wes’s Moore lived with his mom Joy and his two sisters Nikki and Shani.

The other Wes Moore lived with his mom Mary and his big brother Tony. They both were father less but author Wes’s father who dies when he was very young from suffocation. Prisoner Wes who doesn’t every know who his father is more or less care. Both stared off their life’s on street corners with their friends who were never good influences. They both never really attended school and ran into the police a lot. Somehow one ended up graduation from 2 colleges, Rhodes scholar, decorated veteran, and whiter house fellow.

While the other Wes Moore was in jail for an armed robbery and a murder of a cop for the rest of his life. In the book, The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore, the author explores the idea of family to develop the theme Not having a positive emotional support from family member could negatively effect ones life in multiple ways. Wes had no father to teach him what’s right to do and what’s wrong. He only had Tony, his older brother. Tony was older involved in drugs, gangs, and mother good. Tony knew he had to try to be a role model for wes and keep him out of the drug game and keep him in school.

He was trying to be a positive person but it never worked and he eventually just gave up and let Wes do what he want because he knew he could not stop him from getting involved. As much as he tried to be a positive person he ended up being negative and getting Wes kinda involved in the drug game. Prisoner Wes Moore had been selling drugs and telling people he had a new job being a DJ in the neighborhood. He had been buying shoes and his mom did not want to believe anything else so she believed him. Except Tony new better then to believe him. He knew they wes was selling drugs and he knew they Wes tried to follow what he did.

He tried to keep him out of it and keep his positive and stay in school but it didn’t work. Tony confronted Wes and beat him up because he was so aggregated. Author Wes states about prisoner wes and says “Wes was completely aback by his brother anger. Tony has tried hard to keep Wes in school and away from drugs for as long as Wes could remember. But tony was still deep in the game himself. ” (Moore 71). When Wes was younger he saw all of the drugs, gangs, and violence around the neighborhood and streets. He saw tony was involved, and even though tony has always tried to keep him out of the drug game, and keep him in school.

Tony had always tried to be a positive role model and keep him safe but it never worked. Wes looked up to Tony so much when it came down to it Tony never really impacted his life except putting him in the drug game. In conclusion Prisoner Wes never had a positive impact to really keep him out of the drug game. Tony tied so hard and his mom tried but he alway thought if they could do it why can’t he. If his dad was more present he could have looked up to his dad instead of Tony who was deep into the game and could not keep Wes out.

Prisoner Wes had very little positive impact in his life because he had tony who was trying to keep Wes out of the drug game but was still very deep in the drug game himself. And his mom, who had a secret stash of weed in her closet trying to hide it from her kids. He look up too these people and they just showed him what not to do and what to stay away from. He thought that it was okay to try a little because everyone else in the house had so why not. This is what probably started him in the business.

Prisoner Wes first found out about drugs from his moms secret stash in he closet. e found the weed and knew he wanted to try that and see what it was like because everyone else in the family was doing it. It related back to the theme because if he had never gone into his moms closet and found the weed it could have say delayed or not got him into the game at all. His negative impact was that moment because Tony did it and his mom did it so why can’t he. Author Wes talks about prisoner Wes and says “As Wes’s rummaged through the closet, moving clothes and boxes from one side to the other, he came across a small see-through bag packed with a green substance.

It looked like a collection of moss held together by some sticks. But Wes knew exactly what he had stumbled on. He had just found his mother weed stash. After a moment to think about weather he should take it, he came to the obvious conclusion: he was going to turn this barbecue into a really party. ” (Moore 59). Wes could have been exposed later in life or not at all if it was not from finding the weed in Mary’s closet. Him being introduced to drugs was the exact opposite of what Tony and his mom wanted but them bringing them around him and him seeing them just brought him into that world.

In conclusion Prisoner wes was exposed to drugs by his mom and brother. They brought negative into his life he now has a whole different life. His life could have turned out so much differently if they had just keep that stuff away and not basically tell him here it is okay we do it so you can do it to. He could have ended up like author Wes instead. Both Wes’s had no father to keep them on the right track and keep them away from thing that did not need to be involved in. Prisoner wes had no father at all, not even in the toughest moments they was not father for him.

His positive impact could have came from him, but instead his dad didn’t even recognize him when he woke him up. Not having a positive emotional support from let’s say your father can tear people down emotionally and physically because they don’t feel important enough to them to know. Wes’s dad was absent throughout of his whole life. He never had a positive male figure to look up to and respect besides Tony who was not very positive. Wes feeling rejected by his dad made him feel like he was not very relevant and important in his dads life. Author wes takes about prisoner Wes’s experience seeing his dad again.

Author wes says about The other Wes “Wes slowly walked up to the couch. His father was motionless. Wes put his hand under his father’s nose, testing to see if he was even alive. After feeling the air coming in and out of his fathers nostrils, Wes started poking his father in the side with his middle finger. The first few nudges didn’t wake him up, so finally he just pushed his father’s shoulder. He pushed so hard the man’s entire body rolled a little, but he stayed asleep. Finally, after some more jostling, his father’s eyes cracked open. He saw Wes standing over him. Still squinting, he looked his son in the eyes.

Who are you? “. (Moore 101). Wes could feel like he is being rejected by his dad. He never had a male figure to teach him right from wrong besides Tony but Tony never did the right thing himself. He never felt like his father was a man Wes could look up to him a positive way or even feel emotionally connected to. In conclusion Wes’s dad have been alway negative and had nothing to do in his life. He had always made an effort to try to see Wes or try to at least get to know him. The theme states that if you have negative enters from family members it have effect you in multiple ways.

This reflects right back to the theme because not having a dad mad his life harder and different from other people’s life’s. Prisoner Wes had a hard life and still does but he never had any positive impacts to really stop him from doing bad thing maybe besides the birth of his kids. His influences were negative and some times positive. If his brother maybe tried a little harder to keep him out of the drugs and keep him in school and everything maybe his life could have been affected in an way which taught him right from wrong with out his dad present.

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