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Athletes Use Of Drugs In Sports

Imagine how you felt when you realized that your son and daughter were taking drugs just because they saw one of the athletes in the olympics doing it, what would you do? I know how I would feel and the answer is not happy at all. I don’t understand why athletes are taking drugs so that they can be able to win. It doesn’t make sense. This is telling us that you need drugs to be able to win in a competition. I find it very sad because there are young kids that look up to those big stars.

Yes I know that those olympians feel pressure sometimes but that doesn’t mean you have to go and take drugs. It can affect your body plus you can be suspended or banned from the sport you loved doing. Athletes need to step up the A game to be honest. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, the only thing that does matter is that you made it to the olympics and you made your parents and fans proud. It’s so sad how the athletes have to sneak into the room just to get a snip of the drugs since they know that drugs is banned from any competition.

We as the people need to do more things to stop those young people from hurting themselves by taking drugs. We need to set more restrictive boundaries and will prohibit them from doing what they are planning on doing. “Back in 1993, Engquist tested positive for steroids at a track meet and was banned from competition for four years”(Kiesbye 1). Increased competition has led to increased use of dope so that they have an higher advantage of winning in a race or game. Since 2003, the statistics have fluctuated between increases and decreases.

The First Drug Testing at Olympic Games was on February 1968. The sad part is that NCAA Sports has the highest amount of Athlete who use Marijuana before or after their games. Based on my research The popular sports that has the highest amount of athlete using marijuana are swimming, soccer, football ,lacrosse, and field hockey. Most of American sports began after World War II. Based on the history soldiers were introduced to different type of drugs to help them be able to win a race and move on.

In sports- most of the time- it’s mostly the coaches that encourage the athletes to take drugs so that they can do well in games. By 1933, the word “doping” began to appear in dictionaries. By 1960, prescription drug weren’t just popular in international individual sports, like cycling and track, but had become commonplace in the locker rooms of American team sports. Some coaches were making the players used drugs before the game so that they can have a good amount of energy before they play.

In 1963, the San Diego Chargers hired their first professional football team coach who, on the first day of training, gave the players a bottle of pinks pills containing steroids. The bad thing is if the younger generation see the other generation do something they are willingly capable of doing the same thing when the ended reaching the age of being responsible. “However, I do care about the impact that professional athletes’ behavior has on the youth of our country.

These guys are role models to kids like me that look up to these guys and want to do anything they do to achieve their success. I’m tired of hearing that it wasn’t against baseball rules to use steroids prior to 2002 it’s been against federal law since the early 1990’s. ”(Kiesbye 3). Adults are free to make their own choices with respect to what drugs they put in their body although they do have to face the consequences personal and legal of doing so. The problem for sports doping is that some of the substances athletes use are not approved for human medical use at any level.

Trenbolone, for instance, is a cattle steroid. So the school of thought that advocates legalizing doping, or holds that an athlete has the right to choose whether to endanger his health, is ignoring a completely separate ethical and legal question: should people have the right to use a substance that is not legal for human use under ANY circumstances? There being many which graph exposes how many athletes are taking doping and how much they don’t know it’s going to affect their bodies later on in life or when they are done with the race.

Nearly a quarter of a century after Ben Johnson shocked the world, the government’s sat around a table to establish the World Anti Doping Agency which started this year 2017. If the younger generation see the other generation do something they are willingly capable of doing the same thing when they end up reaching the age of being responsible. As a result drug has a relationship with increased poverty and crime. I feel like the athlete who take doping or drugs should be punished I If I was the one making the rules this is how it would’ve gonna be every professional athletes must take a drug test every 3 months before competition.

Another reason is to have longer consequences to those who are caught using drugs or have had their drug test come up positive. If one the athletic drug test is found positive he or she will not only participate in the next competition but will have a 2 year suspension. Make them pay a fine couple thousand bucks. I would make them pay a fine because it will teach the athletes not to do drugs during a competition and it will set an example for other competitors who are thinking of using drugs in sports.

Athletes should be prohibited from taking performance enhancing substances such as stimulants and steroids because these drugs can harm those who use them. Although some would argue that a person has a right to choose whether to risk harm to one’s own body, the use of drugs in sports can place athletes in a situation in which they feel coerced into taking drugs in order to compete. In addition, society has an interest in preventing the violence associated with the use of steroids and other drugs.

We need to step up as a society too stop these athlete from cheating on the olympic because our young generation kids can try and copy them which wouldn’t not be good at all. “ Athletes now use small doses of testosterone, so-called micro dosing, so that they fall within the accepted ratio of testosterone allowed by testing. ”(Draper 2). In general, I’m not a paternalistic, but some of these drugs that those athletes are taking are dangerous. Ken Caminiti the former Most Valuable Player of the National League died recently in his forties.

He admitted to using steroids. Lyle Alzado, a former football player, died young. He used steroids. These appear to be deadly substances. Let keep it real here people doesn’t society have an interest in protecting people from their own mistake. Olympian Athletes needs to think about the people who are watching sports before they cheat because thousand people watch sports because help people cope with stress and it help young people in ways that go beyond physical health. “For many male high school athletes, pro athletes are major influences. They are the role models.

They choose the jersey numbers of their favorite professional players. They emulate their training and their style of play. And they are influenced by their drug use. What a disappointment. When a professional athlete admits to using steroids, the message young athletes hear is not always the one that is intended. Young athletes often believe that steroid use by their role models gives them permission to use. That it is simply part of what one must do to become an elite athlete. I have to admit myself I am a fan of cristiano Ronaldo but I don’t do everything he does.

The use of performance or enhancing drugs in sports can be traced back as far as the 8th century Olympic Games when Greek Olympians are believed to have eaten sheep testicles to boost energy levels. Based on this data 29 drug suspensions were given to 27 different players in the olympics that a lot . For the same set of players figure 1a compares game attendance before and after a home team player is suspended because he fails a test. The right panel Figure 1b uses injury events to control for the possible change in the quality of the gameplay when a player is removed from the team which is pretty sad in my opinion to be honest.

This credit data goes too Gale data search. ”Even after the secret files on doping became public in the early ’90s, some athletes didn’t believe they had been drugged. ”(Francis 4). To prove this quote here are different timeline from Feb. 1968 – First Drug Testing at Olympic Games May 4, 1968 then, First Horse Disqualified from Kentucky Derby for Banned Substance After that. in 1972 First Full-Scale Drug Testing of Olympic Athletes for Narcotics and Stimulants.

1976 Steroid Testing Conducted for the First Time at the Montreal Olympics ,Oct. 5, 1990 Congress Passes Anabolic Steroids Control Act, Nov. , 1988 President Reagan Signs Act Outlawing Non-Medical Steroid Sales and on Jan. 31, 2009 Michael Phelps suspended for Smoking Marijuana. As of result of all of this as a result drug has a relationship with increased poverty and crime. There being about 80 percent of olympian athletes around the world who uses drugs to win or game or too make them feel better. I was surprisingly shocked when I saw how high the number of this look. I feel bad for the fans of those athletes because they might even follow the footstep those athletes are taking which we be sad.

Taking these kind of drugs will affect this athletes . Some symton they might have are Increased heart rate Increased blood pressure , Reduced appetite, weight loss, Insomnia , Headaches,Convulsions,Hallucinations, paranoia and Death may also occur due to ruptured blood vessels in the brain, heart attacks, heart rhythm abnormalities and heatstroke. The numbers in this piece refer to Summer Olympic sports because that’s where the most doping has been detected. The Anti-Doping Database, a compilation by former sports journalist Trond House of Norway, contains detailed information on more than 5,500 of these cases.

This dataset is not comprehensive because some countries do not release detailed doping information. By the way I am not surprised some countries a not sharing the information about how many athletes in the country are taking drugs since they probably afraid theirs are the worse. “ We were caught completely off guard when we lost Taylor. We had no idea of the high usage of steroids among our youth. We had no idea of the serious dangers of the drug and we had no experience with suicide itself. ” (Kiesbye 2).

This quote itself show how much impact those olympian athlete have influence kids of this generation too take drugs and telling them it’s ok to take it and it will give you energy in and out of the field which is really sad. The nature of sports fosters a strong desire to win, and some of those olympic athletes will do anything to rise to the top. Every elite athlete wants to get an edge somehow over his or her opponents. Many athletes have turned to supplements to gain this edge and the use of performance enhancing drugs has increased dramatically.

While I was researching I found out about a poll that was taken several years ago on 198 athletes and they were all given the same scenario, if you were offered a banned performance enhancing substance that would allow you to be able to win every competition you competed in for five years but then die from the side effects of the substance, would you take it? Over 50% said yes. The pressure to become successful or to be the best has contributed to the rise in drug taking within the sporting community the last several years.

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