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Personal Narrative: A Career As A Sports Chef Essay

If there was anybody who loved their job it was you. It had always been a passion of yours to cook, ever since you were young you would be making cookies and other kinds of sweet treats, it wasn’t until you were older you discovered you were actually really good at it. It was great being able to be able to create and cook these meals that tasted absolutely fantastic but were actually very healthy and great for people too. That was when you decided to focus more on become a sports chef, helping athletes to balance their diets and help them find great tasting food that were good for them too.

You spent a couple of years going from team to team trying to find one that you liked and you fit in well, it wasn’t as if they treated you bad it was just the atmospheres of most places, you wanted to be a team where you felt welcome, like it was one bit family. It wasn’t until your boyfriend Erik informed you that the chef that worked for the team he played for was retiring and a place would be opening up. Dortmund were all to happy to be hiring you onto their team of staff, you had experience in the kitchen and had great references from your previous jobs.

It was everything that you had hoped for, working at Dortmund it was truly like being part of one big family and you got on great with all of the players and through it all it had brought you and Erik closer, he loved having you work closer to him and he was able to show you off to all of his friends. Before leaving for work one morning you were just thumbing through your emails on your phone when you saw a surprising email from ‘The Culinary Staff at Bayern Munchen’ clicking it open your eyes scanned over the email and you gasped earning the attention of Erik who had just stepped into the room.

What’s wrong? ” He quizzed as he picked up his training bag, the two of you left around the same time so it only seemed sensible that you would both carpool together. “Babe? ” Glancing up at him you say. “I just got an email from the culinary staff at Bayern. ” You inform him and without hesitation he asks you what it says. “They said that they’ve heard about me and my cooking skills and they would like for me to come by and visit them. They might have a job for me. Your eyes were bright with hope and surprise. Erik stares at you for a couple of moments. “Bayern? You really want to leave Dortmund for Bayern? ” His voice his laced with annoyance.

“When you first started working with teams you were so unhappy, I asked you what you wanted and do you remember what you told me? ” You remained quiet. “You said you wanted loyalty. ” “Erik, this is a big deal. This could really boost my career-” “Boost your career? Is that all you care about now? There was clear hurt in his tone now as you put your head down. “I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that this is something that you really want. I know you… ” He stepped towards you. “Don’t throw away your family for money. ” You give him a soft smile that only lasts a couple of moments. You certainly had a lot to think about, if you wanted to remain with your friends and Erik in Dortmund, or if you wanted to go after you career and head out to Bayern and carry on doing something you were so passionate about.

If you were being honest you didn’t really want to go, you loved being in Dortmund and it would certainly make you relationship with Erik a lot harder if you were working across the country with a rival team. On the other hand working with a big team like this was something you had been dreaming off since you decided to go into sports culinary. It was all so confusing and would take you a while to decide what you really wanted, you only hoped that Erik would calm down and talk about the situation like a grow up and be able to see both sides, not just his.

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