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Pros And Cons Of Home Improvement Blogs

With the housing market the way it is, more and more people are choosing to fix their house up themselves rather than hiring someone to do it. More people are also choosing to buy “fixer uppers” to save money. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of what I consider to the top ten home improvement blogs to help you with those home projects. 10. The Lettered Cottage- A lot of TLC is decorating tips not so much DIY projects but they do have some good tips. 9. The DIY Show-off- This is a great blog for a collection of before/after posts as well as link-ups of many different projects.

Most every project can be found here at one point. 8. 3 Acres and 3,000 Square Feet- This blog follows a young couple through their renovation of their 1973 home. 7. DIY Diva- This blog is run by a women doing through life as a power tool addict. She gives wonderful real life advice on how to do your own home improvement projects. She makes it known that she is just an average person with a real job that “requires regular showering” but truly enjoys DIY. 6. Remodeling Guy- Remodeling Guy is a very easy to follow blog broken down into a number of sub-categories.

There is even a section on finances and one on small spaces. He stresses how to renovate your home “without losing your mind, money, or marriage. ” 5. 1902 Victorian- This blog follows a couple as they renovate their house “at the speed of sludge. ” They have detailed lists and pictures for each room in their house of what they have done and what they want to do. Very helpful for inspiration. 4. Remodelaholic- Remodelaholic is great for tutorials on home projects as well as furniture projects.

They also focus a lot on recycling and reusing items in the home which is a great way to save money and be green in home improvements. 3. Old House Web- There is a ton of information on this blog. There are how-to tips, supplier resources, and even a garden section. Most every question you have, even on how to budget home improvement projects, can be found on this blog. 2. Bower Power- Jeremy and Katie take you through their adventure in fixing up their first house. They have just bought their second house and are currently focusing mostly on decorating.

But their older posts have many helpful tips. 1. Young House Love- My personal favorite. This is a site run by full-time bloggers, John and Sherry, as they go through all of their home improvement projects no matter how small. There is even a whole page of tips that are extremely helpful and useful. The Home Depot and Lowe’s Companies, Inc. , join the Nation in offering our gratitude and appreciation to US troops returning from Iraq, and to all our veterans for their bravery, service and commitment to the preservation of our nation’s freedom.

We salute them. In a statement regarding Home Depot’s policies for military veterans, Jennifer King, Senior Public Relations Manager for The Home Depot, Northern Division, had this to say: “Hiring military personnel is important to The Home Depot, because the Company recognizes the commitment the military makes to protect our country’s freedom. We want to honor our military heroes by doing more than including them in our thoughts and prayers. We want to honor them in our business practices, human resources and volunteer efforts.

We equalize the pay between their military salary and what they would have made at their jobs at The Home Depot, and we extend health benefits to all of our deployed associates and members of their families. In fact, we have been named The Home Depot strives to recruit, attract and retain the best associates available who are knowledgeable, hard-working and solution-oriented. We find that former military personnel typically exhibit these skills and attributes.

The Home Depot strives to hire a work force that reflects our communities, and military is a major component in several communities in which we operate. Katie Cody, Public Relations Specialist for Lowe’s Companies, Inc. , made this statement in regard to Lowe’s policies for our nation’s military veterans: “Lowe’s is grateful to the men and women who serve our country and, in fact, Lowe’s was founded by a military veteran on the heels of WWII. So, we have a history of supporting the military for more than 60 years. Lowe’s provides a 10 percent discount to all veterans during Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day weekends.

We also have a 10 percent discount every day, all day, to all active, reserve, retired and disabled veterans who carry a valid military-issued photo ID card. We were named by G. I. Jobs Magazine as 34 on their Top 100 Military Friendly Employer List. Today, more than 14,000 Lowe’s employees are veterans. Lowe’s has extended benefits for employees serving in the military and other employment opportunities to military personnel after their service has ended. We also participate in military recruiting events across the Country.

In 2010, Lowe’s and Team Lowe’s Racing partnered with the USO to create the Lowe’s USO Family Fund to support military families. Jimmie Johnson hosted a special concert, which ran nationally on the SPEED channel, to raise money for the fund. Team Lowe’s Racing has also had a special paint scheme on the Jimmie Johnson car to support the military almost every year since 2001, during the Memorial Day weekend NASCAR Sprint Cup Race. The USO was a recipient of the Lowe’s Employee Giving Campaign in 2010 and will be again in 2011.

Lowe’s employees can decide to have a set amount taken from their paycheck and Lowe’s will match 50 cents to the dollar. We continue to work with the USO on a regular basis to support various programs. ” Please go to www. whitehouse. gov/saluteto express your gratitude to our men and women in uniform and salute them for their dedication and sacrifice in defending our nation’s freedom. Have you ever wanted a little inspiration to spruce up a room or space that was just plain bland? These shows have definitely got what you are looking for and you will be hooked after the first episodes.

Not only do they provide valuable tips on everything from painting to drywall but they come with really great hosts that are actually worth watching. Bang For Your Buck A variety of hosts appear on this show featuring some great tips on getting the most for your renovating dollar. Each show features 3 homeowners renovating the same room in their home with an equal budget for each. After, the home value is determined to reveal whose remodeling choices are the best. This show airs on Fridays at 9:30/8:30c on HGTV.

HGTV Showdown Jamie Durie hosts this fantastic design competition show starring hot designer and carpenter combos. Replicas of the actual rooms provide the backdrop for 4 hour showdowns that showcase each designer’s range of talent. The best room wins! Airing on Sundays at 9:00/8:00c also on HGTV. The Stagers Airing on Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c, The Stagers give tips on how to make a house look terrific before homebuyers come knocking. From front yards to great rooms and everything in between, this show has plenty of ideas to make your home look great when selling or just when looking for new ways to work with a space.

Check this out on HGTV! Desperate Landscapes Beautiful outdoor spaces are the basis for this home improvement show. Each yard is turned into a masterpiece with the help of Jason Cameron, this show’s talented host. If you have troubles with your yard, you might want to check out this amazing landscape show! Airs Thursdays at 10:00/9:00c on DIY Network. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition If you just want to be inspired, both design wise and emotionally as well, this home improvement show is for you.

Hosted by Ty Pennington, this show features homes built for people that have special needs whether it be personal problems or community issues. This show will have you feeling uplifted while showing some amazing rooms with spectacular results that will make you think “I would love to live there”. All of the shows picked for the top 5 have a different aspect to each laying out the best in each category of design television. Hope you enjoy being inspired! If you’re looking to delve into some home repairs and home improvement this summer, don’t overlook your options for finding some fresh ideas on the internet.

Besides the roundup of DIY books from the library or bookstore, a blog can provide some useful information, tutorials, and video clips of the latest projects. Browsing the internet for the latest, you’re likely to stumble across FixieChix. com a home-improvement seminar dedicated to empowering women witht eh tools and resources needed to fix up the house-and more. FixieChick. com is owned by Brenna Hartman, a do-it-yourself guru who also leads dozens of seminars and workshops around the country. Calling on women to try their hand at a variety of home improvement projects, she calls them ‘do-it herselfers'(DIHers).

The Fixie Chick blog is an easy read, listing a new idea and project each day with clear details on how to get the job done. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas, or even a little motivation to get those home improvement projects in order, head over to FixieChix. com for a few helpful resources. The Diary of a Fixie Chix is stocked with a handy photo gallery and a monthly article on the latest projects. It’s a fun read for all DIY enthusiasts, and you’ll find some great tips on current trends in the home improvement industry.

The Links and Resources section of the site includes helpful resources to companies that provide materials and equipment, along with local contractors and links to businesses in the Rochester, NY area. You’ll find links to HomeRepairClinic. com, Habitat for Humanity, and The Property Source online here. is a fun read for all DIY enthusiasts. Even though it’s a small section, the Do-It-Yourself section includes articles and ideas for basic home improvement processes. If you’ve always wondered how to install and select the right Granite, this is the place to start your research.

Head to the Article Archive for a complete listing of specific projects. It’s here that you’ll find out why ‘An Insulated Crawl Space Saves Energy & Money’, and how to ‘Get the Look of Tin Ceiling Tiles. ‘ Finally, if you’re looking for daily tips and commentary on the latest projects, the Fixie Chick blog is hosted by ‘her’ magazine of Rochester. You’ll find the blog filled with plenty of valuable information with updated postings, pictures, and a step-by-step guide. Browse on through the previous posts for some new ideas, and take a look at the archives for even more insights. Home improvement just got easier!

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