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Essay On Physical Therapy Program

Throughout my time spent here at KU, I plan to obtain a B. S. degree in Exercise Science, and then go on and apply to the Physical Therapy program. In order to get accepted into the program, I must have a 3. 0 GPA average or higher, and typically all accepted students have higher GPA’s than that. This being so, I will have to make sure to always stay on top of my homework and prepare properly for every test and exam. This program is very competitive, so it will most likely be a struggle for me to get accepted.

This being said, I have made it my goal to obtain at least a 3. GPA throughout my years here. I would like to try and keep a 4. 0 GPA like I did in high school, but college has already proved to me that it is going to be a real intellectual struggle to keep that high of a standard. I will be very happy with myself if I can maintain anywhere from 3. 8-4. 0, but it will be okay if it is only 3. 6-3. 8. Another intellectual goal of mine is to get a B or higher on all of my test/exams for the year. Unfortunately, this goal has already been let down for this year. So in these next few years I know that I will have to start studying a lot more and be more prepared.

In high school, I never really had to spend extensive hours studying and preparing for test, so this change may be a challenge for me. I do have the desire to complete this goal though, because I have always wanted to be that all A student who does well on every test. I don’t want it to brag or anything, I just want that because it means I am actually learning and have good knowledge of the materials. Besides grades, there is another thing that everyone talks about with college, and that is about weight.

There is this concept called “freshman fifteen. This means that typically, everyone gains weight their first year of college. It is definitely one of my goals to not gain those fifteen pounds and to try and keep my figure. I do realize now that I do not have the best eating habits, so I should probably work on that some. Instead of getting Oreo’s and cheesy goldfish at the store all the time, maybe I should start picking some healthier options. I’m not really the biggest fan on healthy foods, but it looks like that is going to have to change. Another way I can make sure that I do not gain weight is to workout often or join an intramural sports team.

In high school, I was always busy and active with sports, but here I am not. So I could do either of these to help me stay active. I have been the rec here quite a few times and I think I could make it a habit to go a couple days out of the week. There is plenty of equipment and different things that you can do there to help you stay in shape. I do think that it would also be really cool to join a sports team. Basketball was my favorite sport in high school, and I am starting to realize that I really miss playing.

So in my years here, I may have to try to put a team together to play, or just get some people and play on certain nights during the week. College is also obviously a very big expense, so money management is very important. One of my financial goals is to start paying on my loans before I graduate. I currently have a job at the Toyota dealership on the edge of town. With my current class schedule I can only work around fifteen hours a week, which unfortunately does not produce very big paychecks. My parents do not help me financially so I am on my own paying for everything.

So as of now, it is really hard to save money from my checks, but next semester I plan to not have my classes so spread out so that I can work more hours during the day. More hours equals bigger paychecks, which means that I will be able to save money and start putting some of it against my student loans. Another financial goal of mine is to have around two-thousand dollars saved up in a different account by the time I graduate from college. I do know that this will be very hard, but I could also cut out a lot of my expenses. I could stop going out to eat so often, and spending a lot of my money on food.

I have a meal plan that I should really start taking more advantage of, even though the food isn’t always the best. I want to have this much money saved up so that I won’t be lost and stranded with nothing to go off of when I graduate. I do not want a degree with nowhere to go with it. I know that it is not that much money in this world, but it will at least be a start and it could help me get somewhere. This may seem a little cliche, but it is actually one of my goals to be genuinely happy with myself and what I am doing with my time here.

So far, everything has been going good and I have been having a lot of fun being on my own. I do not want to waste my time here aching about some boy back home or any jerky boy here. So I have decided that it is best for me to be single and enjoy it. I don’t want be to that girl who flaunts being single, and I won’t be. I just think that I will be happier not having to worry about a relationship right now. I came here to make new friends and have new experiences, so I plan to do that cause I know that is probably what is best for me and what will make me the most happy.

When my years at KU are starting to come to an end, then I hope to find someone that I could maybe settle down with. Currently I am still trying to adjust to college and don’t want a serious relationship, but by my junior/senior year I am hoping to find a good guy who has potential. They say that you usually meet your spouse while in college, so I think it would be cool if that happened for me too. It is not necessarily one of my goals, because I don’t just want to settle for someone. It is kind of just something that I hope happens. After my time at the University of Kansas, I plan to be a Physical Therapist.

I have not quite yet decided where at or what kind, but I know for sure that that is what I want to do. I think it would be cool to do something with aquatic therapy, or even be a physical therapist for a major sports team, or just one specially for kids. There are many different opportunities for a potential career, I am just not quite sure on which specific one I want to spend my life doing. If I were to minor in Psychology, it would be helpful to my career because then I could help my patients cope with their emotional stress and everything they are going through.

With obtaining a experiential learning certificate in Service Learning, it could give me some experience with how to interact with people from different cultures and ethnicities. Putting that on my resume could make me more desirable to potential employers, which could help me to get the job that I wanted. There are several skills that are necessary to be a successful physical therapist. One of the most important things is to have an ample amount on knowledge in anatomy, physiology, biology, and chemistry. Physical therapist need to be able to calculate, measure, analyze, and reason with data.

They need to be able to properly evaluate and observe their patients so that they can correctly be diagnosed. They also need to know how to keep proper records of the patients. Interpersonal skills are also very critical for this career. Physical therapists need to be able to communicate with their patients and other health professionals so that the patient can be taken care of appropriately. It is also important for a physical therapist to be physically healthy and active. They have to be able to give manual therapy and guide the patients correctly in the exercises. Lastly, a physical therapist must be compassionate and flexible.

It is important to be understanding with the patient and their pain, and to be able to adapt to different situations or different cultures. It is very critical to me that I obtain all of these skills during my experiences in college. With all of the classes I am taking, that will help with all of the knowledge, observation, and part of the communication skills. I am a very shy person, so I may need to do something to further increase my skill in that area. In the physical aspect, I just need to be sure to keep myself in shape by going to the gym regularly, but not so much as to seriously injure myself.

I plan to join some student organizations so that I can have more experiences with others and become more knowledgeable of other cultures. Doing all of these things, and interning other physical therapists can help to build my network so that I can have the knowledge, skills, and connections to the career of my choice. When taking the StrengthsQuest assessment, my top strength was achiever. Being an achiever means that I am one who strives to accomplish something every day. This can be used in my field and career by striving to help my patients get better and make a step towards being healthy again every day.

I will always be encouraging them to keep working hard in their exercises so that the results will show. Another strength is my ability to compromise and still be productive, which is being an arranger. This means that if I ever get moved to a different location, or switch up patients, then I will still be able to do what needs to be done. The next strength was responsibility, meaning that I am committed to my priorities. This means that I will be committed to always help my patients and do what is best for them.

The next strength was relator, and that is to be passionate with your loved ones, but also willing to be open to new people. This can be helpful for me to compassionate and understanding with my clients. The last of my strengths was being futuristic. I’m not quite sure how this could be helpful for my career, or why or how this is even one of my strength because I do not think I relate with it that well. The future actually kind of scares me, because I want what is best for me, and I cannot completely be sure that everything will turn out the way that I want it to.

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