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Graduation Speech: Demoralizing The American Dream Essay

What is America? Well, it’s a place where all of your fantasies can come true. You can come to this country with just the clothes on your back and hope in your heart. Then after settling here you will have a closet full of clothes, a big house to live in, and a bountiful supply of money. You’ll be living the American Dream. You can be and say whatever you want in America. That’s why it’s called “the land of the free, and the home of the brave” right? Wrong.

If you come to America with just the clothes on your back, we will accuse and prosecute you for being an “illegal alien”, arrest you, take the only items item you have to your name (your clothing), redress you in a prison uniform, destroying any bit of hope you had in the process. Folks come to America with the idea of a better opportunity in life, but in reality, you’re worse off living here. I’m always in awe at people who claim how great The United States is and how they wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. If you say anything bad about America, people tend to respond with “If you don’t like America then leave”.

Translation: Criticizing our country by pointing out the flaws and wanting to fix them is ridiculous. But I cut them some slack because they wouldn’t be speaking so positively about America if they had any idea about what’s going in this god forsaken country. If you have no clue what’s really happening here and you’d love to know. Well, it’s your lucky day because you are about to find out. America started off as a great country. We stood up for what was right, and fought for what was wrong. The constitution used to mean something. Nowadays, even the law laughs at it.

People had morals and values. Even politicians! Surprising isn’t it? Jobs were thriving and educational systems were excellent. Naturally, there were social classes divided into poor, middle, and rich. For the most part, everyone was in the middle. We equally invested in the systems we needed by paying taxes. Taxes actually worked back then because people paid an amount each could afford. Today the poorest Americans and middle class citizens are paying for more taxes than they are making money, while the richest 1% of citizens are paying little to no taxes. This happened out of greed.

Greedy humans began to want more and more, so they came up with despicable new ways to become richer. Laws were created to avoid paying taxes with the idea that it will benefit everyone else or they didn’t pay taxes illegally. In 20 years, rich people doubled their share of the nation’s income. This caused all of America’s public systems to decline. But don’t worry, the rich people were fine, they just bought their own private systems that only they could afford. While the whole nation was turning into a dump, the rich people were improving their lifestyles even more. Who is to blame?

We are. US citizens elect politicians into office with the idea that they are helping us but really they are hired by the rich to help give them what they want. They constantly say “this is the only way”. Politicians say this so much, as small minded as we are, we actually believe them. There are still people that have some common sense and can tell something isn’t right. But there is a solution to them. A magic word called the media. Wealthy corporations bought out Televisions, newspapers, internet and radios so the media could repeat only what they’re paid to share.

Complete propaganda. Since America revolves around the media and it’s literally everywhere, it’s kind of hard to not listen to the messages they send. Someday we’ll be rich too and all we have to do is obey and we will get what we want. The media is a great outlet for the rich to brainwash us. All of the violence, reality shows, celebrity gossip, mindless shows for children and pornography, it’s hard to keep our attention on something else. Especially all of the evil plots that rich people are using against us. But that’s the main purpose for media.

Instead of using these outlets as a good thing, like to spread awareness and positivity, we worship the media like it’s a gift from God. Today, kids would rather have 1 million followers on their social media accounts than have actual friends. Sunday night football is more important than Sunday morning service at church. Despite the media, the government is a major factor in the corruption of this country. The people who actually run the government are the greedy centralized bankers that have enough money to influence and manipulate them into believing and supporting what they do.

A smart man named Thomas Jefferson quoted “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. Silly old Americans ignored this and went right ahead and gave the control of our nation’s money to the private bankers.

With the riches influences, the government lies about an imaginary economy, claiming we are getting money but in actuality, the central bank (where all of our nation’s currency is created) is a never ending pile of debt that grows more and more each day. Paper money today, is equal in value to the toilet paper you wipe your ass with. Even though the United States is becoming more and more corrupt every day, the people of this country have the power to stop the destructive doings of the people who are in charge of America. The 99% of Americans who are controlled by the 1% of rich population outnumber them by a landslide.

If we all come together as a nation and rise against the manipulators troving our once prosperous land, we could take back what is rightfully ours and restore our nation. In order to do this, people of America need to wake up and acknowledge the des crimes against humanity that are occurring. Stop following the degrading and immoral pop culture, become more politically engaged, read more books and watch less television. Our citizens need to become a conscious, informed society, able to think critically. The individuals that control us are seeking to keep us naive and distracted. One must admit, they’re doing a damn good job at it.

But the US citizens need to break out of this state of mind. The social manipulation of society, and the generation of fear and division has detached us from our sense of power and reality. Religion, race, patriotism, class, and any other form of identity division has served to create a controlled population. As long as people continue to separate and divide, we will remain as slaves. The men behind all of the plots and schemes of this nation know that if the truth gets out and we acknowledge our personal power, the plans they’ve been building will collapse like the Twin Towers on 9/11 did.

Only this time, they won’t be the ones behind it. Instead of trying to achieve the American Dream, why don’t we try to achieve our freedom again? I’d take a life of liberty over materialistic items any day. Let’s teach others to love people and use things, not the other way around. If we all stopped seeing each other as separate than ourselves, we could change history and end the corruption of America before it passes on to the next generation and others to come.

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