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Fred Astaire Night And Day Analysis Essay

The song night and day is a beautiful poetry which was written by Cole porter for the 1932 musical play Gay Divorcee. This song is regarded as one of the Porter’s most popular contribution to the Great American Songbook. This song holds a noticeable distinction that it has been recorded by dozens of artists. The song had such an association with Porter, that Hollywood first filmed porter life story in 1946, was entitled Night and Day. This song is so widely listened and used for the stage play that there are many examples regarding its use around the entertainment industry.

Fred Astaire is the first person who introduced “Night and Day” on stage, and it went on to prove that the Fred Astaire recording of the song was a Number one hit at that time. What makes the song such an extraordinary popular is all the required ingredients such as the marvelous lyrics which add up the basic ingredients of the poetry to make it a masterpiece. This song and its lyrics are an absolute blend of rhythm and rhyme to make it a marvelous poetry.

It has utilized all the metaphors of the physical world so as to depict the intensity of the love that the poet wants to communicate with the loved one in all sorts of easy, normal and adverse conditions. In the first stanza the writer starts with the lyrics that are often used for exemplifying normal physical world. Here the words “Night and day” are used to elaborate the condition of almost every time as the poet uses these words throughout the poem. These words are also the title of the poem and this is what the writer is communicating for the question of “what” he is to say in this poem.

He further goes ahead with use of other examples of the physical world like “beneath the moon, under the sun” here again the writer is trying to make the reader informed about the intensity of the love he has for the loved one by two states of time like moon used for night symbol and sun for the day. In the first stanza all the focus remains on counting out all the states of the life with a wonderful use of the rhyme so as to elaborate the countless and limitless love that the poet holds for the loved one.

Writer is has also mentioned the states of having loved one near him and also when he or she is away, he wants to convey the love in all the states beyond the imagination as he used the words “It’s no matter darling’, where you are” In the coming stanza the writer is continuously concentrating on the “Night and day” as he wants to use the beauty of the poetry for the expression of his love. Here he answers the questions to himself why is he in such state of mind.

This is the place where he has used the imagery for the purposeful communication that the thoughts of the loved one are always encircling him regardless of the place he is in. the poet has used the diction in the 2nd and third stanza as he goes long by counting out all the surrounding environments. The poetry is marvelous as all the surroundings namely “roaring traffic’s boom” and also “silence of my lonely room” is used so as to make the reader aware about the inevitable love that the poet feels deep inside the heart.

Many poetic expressions are visible as tick, tick, tocko clock then beat of the tom tom then drip, drip of the rain drops in summer showers are all poetry used as symbolic expression of inner love whispering always. The writer has used the rhyme of the night and day continuously throughout the poem and he wants to make it clear that all the places and the conditions he faces, the love always remains embraced to him tightly. He seems helpless and he answers the Why part of this love by making all know that “That this longing for you, follows wherever I go”.

Poetry is not just about the state of the mind and the conditions in time he feels love for the loved one but it is also about counting on the inner burning sensation that the poet has for the loved one. The poet has further sent a message in the verse “And this torment won’t be through, till you let me spend my life making love to you” The diction and the rhyme in this part of the poem is an awesome blend so as to communicate the purpose of the entire poem.

The basic purpose is same as it is for the poets but the beautiful use of phrase night and day at the starts reaches and epic climax when the poet conveys the message regarding what cure he wants from the loved one. This cure is the patch up of the two for all the time as he again uses the same phrase “Night and day”. The poet and the feelings in this poem are extraordinarily expressed in the rhymes of time and the purposeful message of counting all the sufferings and then reaching the solution with the beautiful use of the words makes this a marvelous piece of poetry for all generations.

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