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Field Placement Reflection Essay

I have not been directly involved in any situation in my field placement in which the ethical, legal, or values issues were challenged. However, I have had the opportunity to be a part of supervision in which the team discusses such ethical, legal and value issues workers might be experiencing. Most of the discussion are around how to approach certain clients and finding the best practice strategies. From hearing the individual client-worker stories, it has become evident of how frequent it is for worker to face such dilemmas.

One of the situations discussed value issues, particularly in raising children. The worker described her own experiences with raising children which were significantly different than her client’s views. She expressed having difficulties in providing information without personal biases. She reported respecting her client’s views and presenting information through research and statistics to help put things into perspective in a non-judgmental way. Exercise 3. 11 It sounds like Tracy is experiencing miscommunication between her co-worker.

Her co-worker is thinking that Tracy is unreliable because she did not express openly her reasons for not continuing with the campaign. Perhaps, she can have a discussion with Mary about not being included in work. Tracy can learn from the situation that sometimes, as worker we can be respectful and honest to each other while maintaining professional boundaries. Exercise 3. 13 This is difficult situation to be in, thus I am puzzled as to what I would do if ever faced with this. It holds many potential risks in terms of harm and/or exploitation of the client and potential impairment of worker professional judgment and objectivity.

I think maintaining confidentially is necessary in any case. I would discuss this with my supervisor and find ways to be present in the groups without disclosure. I would discuss boundaries and take precautions to minimize any risk of harm to the client. Though, I would still feel uncomfortable participating so I would base my decision around how the group functions and its purpose. It would depend on the context of the relationship and the laws around duty to report. I would be withholding information that has not been presented to me directly.

Again, something I would need to discuss with my supervisor in understanding my role in disclosure of such information. Exercise 7. 3 Thave observed my cultural values align with that of the cultures in my practicum. The society functions on an equal responsibility model, in which everyone has the ability to empower and create and/or provide complimentary services. Since there is no hierarchy or bureaucracy within the agency there is strong sense of responsibility to each other and respect for the space that is being provided for no cost.

Despite the lack of fixed location and administrative services, workers take upon the responsibility to volunteer their time for services. It is really like being a part of a community that is trying to function on the bare minimums, but it is continuously producing many valuable resources and programs daily. Everyone that I have worked with has shared their remarkable history of successes, all of the workers have expressed being hard working and over-working as well as emphasized the importance of taking self-care seriously. Exercise 11.  I have learned that I can work independently in a mobileenvironment.

I have learned that I can manage in situations which have uncertainty. The field of human services is versatile and here are many ways we can work collaboratively with other organizations to provide effective services. It is trying to change the way we have been doing things based on mandates and because of the lack of funding. The population I have worked with was mostly adults and youth who were facing issues around addictions, family conflicts, and mental health. I think | would be interested in learning more about how to deal with family dynamics.

The strengths I see in myself, are with being able to outreach, working with multiple teams and making connections. My weakness is that sometimes I am afraid to take upon extra responsibility with the fear of not doing the job well. I enjoyed being part of drop-in parenting group and facilitating workshops. I am not too sure where I fit into the working world yet, as my ideas are constantly changing with the exposure | receive from my placements, supervisors and colleagues. I would like to gain more direct client experiences that are important to my future growth and development.

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