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Far Water Adventure: A Short Story Essay

How often do you see plastic somewhere? Do you bend down and pick it up? Well, maybe you should. It affects wildlife, wildlife habitats, and humans. The ocean is one of those habitats that has been greatly affected by plastic pollution. Now that you have that thought, keep it in mind while we tell you the tale of two sea turtles, Bubbly and her friend Bubbles. One Friday evening somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, Bubbly the turtle was having a conflict with her mom. Bubbly wanted to go to a place where her mom strongly thought as unsafe.

“But mom all the cool turtles are going to be in the Far Water! Bubbly argued. “No buts Bubbly, it’s not safe you’re going to stay home! You’ll thank me some day. ” Said her mom firmly. “Ok mom, but can Bubbles come over? ” She whined. “Sure! ” her mom stated. As soon as her mom had said that, Bubbly knew her mischievous plan would come into place. Soon Bubbles arrived at her house. “Hi, Bubbly! How are you? ” exclaimed Bubbles. “Great! How about you? Let’s proceed to my room. ” Countered Bubbly. As the two mischievous turtles swam to Bubbly’s room her mom called out, “Remember what I told you Bubbly.

No going to the Far Water. ” ” Yes, mom, promise we won’t go. ” She lied. Bubbly closed her door and explained the plan to Bubbles. 1. ) Watch a movie until it’s time for lights out 2. ) Sneak out to the Far Water 3. ) Hurry back in 4. ) Don’t get caught When Bubbly’s mom told her and Bubbles lights out instead of going to sleep they snuck out to Far water. Once they got there they saw all the cool sea creatures from school, and Bubbly thought that her mom was unfair and wrong because she saw nothing unsafe or out of the ordinary, just partying teens like herself.

After the fun at Far Water they started swimming home, but they were hungry, so on their way they decided to search for a snack. As they were swimming, they saw the perfect patch of seaweed so they quickly ate some, so they could get back quick before Bubbly’s mom noticed they were gone. As they were munching on the seaweed Bubbly thought hers tasted weird, and had a different texture to it. But she really didn’t worry about it too much, she concluded she was just imagining it. As they snuck back in, they heard Bubbly’s mom so they raced to Bubbly’s bedroom, and acted to be sound asleep when Bubbly’s mom entered to check on them.

The next day after Bubbles left, Bubbly didn’t feel well, so her mom took her to the doctor. When they arrived the doctor asked. “Did you eat anything plastic, Bubbly. ” Bubbly wasn’t sure, but if she did it was last night when she went to Far Waters and she hadn’t told her mom yet, but she knew this was important. “Well, on Friday, so last night I went to Far Water and ate some seaweed on the way back. Now that you mention it, it did taste funny. ” Bubbly said. Her mom was disappointed in Bubbly for going to Far Water but overlooked it for now because this was about Bubbly’s safety.

Bubbly it’s a good thing you came today because plastic is dangerous it can cause death, ingestion, or entanglement, we have to get you into surgery as soon as possible. ” “When is the soonest you can do it? ” Her mom replied worried. ” Right now if you want. ” Said the doctor in a hurry. ” That would be great! ” Exclaimed Bubbly’s mom. As they rushed her into surgery , Bubbly said, ” Sorry mom, I knew I shouldn’t have disobeyed you. ” “It’s ok, we all have to learn, ” said her mom. After the surgery the nurses came out to let Bubbly’s mom know she could see Bubbly.

As she went in she saw the look on Bubbly’s face and she could tell Bubbly didn’t feel well, so Bubbly’s mom swam over as fast as she could to be by Bubbly’s side. “Hi, honey how do you feel? ” Her mom crooned softly. “I’m fine mom, I’m just a little tired. ” She replied weakly. “Alright, darling I’ll leave you be, but I will be right outside if you need me. ” Sniffed her mom. The next day Bubbles came to visit her. “Hey Bubbly, I’m really sorry this happened to you, I hope you get better quickly. ”

“Me too, but the truth is I’ve been feeling worse. ” Replied Bubbly sadly. “Oh. Whispered Bubbles. Soon after Bubbles left that night, Bubbly’s mom approached her daughter’s room, only she stopped when she noticed all the doctors and nurses surrounding it. Slowly the doctor who had helped Bubbly swam up to her, “Bubbly has passed away there was a piece of plastic that we missed in her, We are sorry for your loss. ” As Bubbly’s mom was informed with the news she was overcome by tears and sadness.

“It’s ok, it wasn’t your fault. The blame goes to the careless humans, who don’t realize the damage they’re doing. ” She managed, still with tears in her eyes. That’s true they just throw their trash in the ocean not caring about the lives it might affect. They are just too lethargic to walk to a nearby recycle bin or trash can. ” The doctor responded. I know that this is certainly not a happy story and, sadly Bubbly is not the only victim of plastic pollution. Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, whales, marine life, and more than 1 million seabirds die each year from ocean pollution. Will this be the year that number lessens ? This of course, depends only on how you answer the following question, Will you make the change?

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