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Doctor Who Persuasive Speech Essay

Throughout history, time travel has been an imaginative dream of many. The British show Doctor Who brings those, and many other dreams to life. For most any who have seen the incredibly genius show Doctor Who, it is hoped, dreamt, and wished to be real. The episodes are filled with suspense, humor, terror, and raw emotion. Everyone should watch this blockbuster show because it is entertaining, emotional, engrossing, educational, and some episodes are even eerie. To start of with some background on the show, it is about a man called the Doctor. To be perfectly honest, he isn’t actually a man.

He is an alien from a planet called Gallifrey, with two hearts. He travels through time and space in his space ship called the TARDIS. The TARDIS is a blue police call box, and is bigger on the inside, or smaller on the outside. When the Doctor “dies”, he regenerates into a new body, and sometimes a completely new personality. The Doctor travels in the TARDIS with a companion, saving people, worlds, and universes. Doctor Who is one of the most, if not the most, entertaining piece of media out there. Some of the things that make it so entertaining are the humor, catch-phrases, the music, and the variety of casts and characters.

All of these, put into one show, make it phenomenal. Another great factor of this entertaining show is that it is appropriate. This show may be frightening for some young ages, but for the most part it is suitable for any and all. The humor alone should convince someone to begin watching Doctor Who this instant. The show balances humor flawlessly around the storyline. It also has a varied array of humorous characters. There are adorably funny characters, characters that don’t mean to be funny but simply are, and there are even sarcastically rude characters who add loads of humor.

Research has proven that laughter and humor reduces stress, increases relaxation, and reduces pain (“Humor”). Therefore, by putting ones self in the position to laugh, and be humored while watching Doctor Who, it can influence someone’s emotional and physical well-being for the better. As mentioned above, Doctor Who is known for having some of the most iconic catch-phrases in television show history. This adds a lot of fun to the watching experience. Most of the Doctor’s regenerations have their own catch-phrase. Some of the best know phrases are the Ninth Doctor’s, the Tenth Doctor’s, and the Eleventh Doctor’s.

The Ninth Doctor’s catchphrase is fantastic, literally. The word fantastic is his catchphrase and one will catch him saying it often. Doctor Who added a whole new world to the word fantastic. The Tenth Doctor’s catch-phrase is the French expression Allons-y. This one is especially fun to say in a British accent like the Doctor. Along with being a fun word, it’s also interesting to learn words from another language. The word Allons-y actually means “let’s go” (Lawless). The Doctor says it often to get everyone excited to go out and do. The Eleventh doctor’s catch-phrase comes from the name of an Indian chief, Geronimo.

The Doctor will yell out Geronimo when he’s jumping the gun, or doing something crazy. The music in Doctor Who is some of the best music out there and makes watching a lot more entertaining. One of the many reasons watching a Doctor Who episode is so satisfying is the theme song, along with the character’s themes. When the theme song starts to play for the first time, some might think it’s strange, but after a while it becomes one of the best songs ever. The music in general can add so much to an episode. The music alone can make someone feel like crying, or make them feel like saving the world.

Although sometimes it’s hard to see so many characters come and go, the wide variety of cast and characters make Doctor Who a great show to watch. There is such a large amount of characters and they all have their own personalities. Also, the characters get switched out every so often so the viewer is always meeting new casts and characters, which is emotional and exciting The emotion in Doctor Who is one of the key reasons all should watch it. This show can have someone laughing one minute, and crying the next. After getting into the show, it’s almost impossible to stop the bond one will gain with the characters.

Watching the characters grow and go through each adventure is incredible. The emotion after seeing these characters leave is heartbreaking. Yes, the show is one that goes through many characters. No, it doesn’t make it any less hard to let go of the characters. One of the most emotional episodes in Doctor Who is called The Angels Take Manhattan. This episode is the fifth in the seventh season. In this episode two of the most loved characters in Doctor Who die, or rather “live to death”. Rory and Amy Williams were The Doctor’s trusted companions.

They get themselves caught in heaps of fantastic adventures and actionpacked thrills alongside the Doctor, but sadly enough, this was their last. When Weeping Angels, a statue of an angel that can move only when not being observed, overtake Manhattan, Rory and Amy Williams get sent to the past after being touched by one. Although they didn’t physically die in front of him, their graves appear before the Doctor’s eyes. They had been sent to the past and lived to death. Along with heart-breaking emotion, Doctor Who is also filled with heart-warming and light-hearted emotion.

This only adds to the overflowing list of reasons why everyone should watch Doctor Who. Many episodes have inspiring speeches and quotes, paired with tender moments that make your heart melt. One of the best quotes in the show said by the Doctor is the following: “Nobody important? Blimey, that’s amazing. You know that in nine hundred years of time and space and I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important before. ” Paired with other factors, such as emotion and great entertainment value, Doctor Who is also very educational.

This is important when finding a new show to watch, because it’s always good to be entertained and learn new things. Many of the episodes are historical fiction, so the viewer can learn a lot about big events in history, and different cultures. There is also a lot of education about science. This show is filled with science and many of the episodes are completely mind-blowing. Great pieces of evidence that shows the educational value of Doctor Who are some of the episodes themselves. A great educational episode is called The Fires of Pompeii.

This is the second episode in the fourth series. In this episode the Doctor travels back in time with his companion Donna, but little did they know that they would end up in Pompeii, the day before the big eruption. This episode teaches a lot about the history of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius that destroys it. It also teaches a lot about the culture in that area and time period. Another great example of an educational episode is the tenth episode in the fifth series, called Vincent and the Doctor. In this installment the Doctor and Amy, his companion, visit the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.

This episode is not only educational, but it is very touching. The viewer gets to learn a lot about the artist Van Gogh and who he is. Something that makes this episode even more exciting is that in one of Van Gogh’s famous painting, you can see a suspicious blue box in the corner that looks remarkably like the TARDIS. Last but not least, an enticing characteristic of Doctor Who is that it is exciting and eerie. Some of the episodes make you jump, and others leave you in suspense. Doctor Who has a wonderful balance between the scary and non-scary episodes.

A ot of the episodes just have enough eeriness to make it exciting, but not terrifying. This adds a lot to this show, and any other TV show. In conclusion, Doctor Who is a fantastic piece of media. It has everything that makes a good show in it and more. Everyone, whether they are young or old, should watch it. Doctor Who has qualities that will suit most anyone’s qualifications for a great television show. It is entertaining, emotional, engrossing, educational, and eerie. It has great music, characters, casts, quotes, and so much more. All should start now, and watch an episode of Doctor Who.

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