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Dinosaur history

When dinosaur bones were first found they thought that they belonged to giant lizards. The word “dinosaur” came from the Greek words deinos, meaning marvelous or terrible, and sauros, meaning lizard. The larger dinosaurs must have seemed to be terrible to the smaller animals. Some of the first dinosaurs were only about as big as a small dog. That is how big the horses of that time were. Over the years, as the dinosaurs aged, they grew to be much more large in size. The sizes of dinosaurs ranged greatly, all the way from two feet long to one hundred and fifty feet long.

They weighed as much as fifty tons, which is seven African Bull Elephants. We first discovered the fossils and bones shortly under the surface of the Earth. After scientists got more into the study they started to dig deeper down. The fossils get so deep because of the years of rocks and dirt that were piled up on it. Some also get buried if a dinosaur were to die next to a river, and over the years the river probably changed courses a little, so therefore the bones would be covered up. They would actually be in the bank of the river. The Evolutionary theory states that everything evolved over millions of years.

Evolutionists say that dinosaurs came from six million years back. They also say that the Earth is four to six billion years old. They say that fifty million years ago there was horses no bigger than dogs, and birds as tall as man, three hundred million years ago giant dragon flies buzzed around in the large forests, six million years ago small animals, called trilobites, lived in the sea and were rulers of the world. Evolutionists think that the world started off with just plants on it, then came legged animals from the sea that took over.

They feel that a certain kind of fish evolved into the first four-footed animals. After millions of years those animals eventually turned into dinosaurs. That is how dinosaurs came to be. Then finally the dinosaurs died off and little, furry, four-legged creatures appeared. These animals were called mammals, which then took over the world. Then those mammals evolved into man. The Evolutionists believe that dinosaurs were extinct millions of years before there were even any people to walk the Earth. The Evolutionists had a hard time trying to explain why dinosaurs became extinct. They have many different theories.

One theory says that the impact of an asteroid or comet caused the destruction of the environment, leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Evidence to support this theory includes the discovery of a buried impact crater (thought to be the result of a large comet striking the earth) that is 124 miles in diameter in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Using similar techniques to date the dramatic changes in the record of microscopic fossils, they have found that the impact and the dinosaur extinction occurred nearly simultaneously. They believe dust blocked sunlight from the earth’s surface for many months.

Scorched sulfur from the impact site, water vapor and chlorine from the oceans, and nitrogen from the air combined to produce a worldwide fallout of intensely acidic rain. Scientists theorize that darkness and acid rain caused plant growth to cease. As a result, both the herbivorous dinosaurs, which were dependent on plants for food, and carnivorous dinosaurs, which fed on the herbivores, became extinct. Animals such as frogs, lizards, and small insect-eating turtles and mammals, which were dependent on organisms that fed on decaying plant material, were more likely to survive.

Their survival indicates that, in most areas, the surface of the earth did not freeze. Whatever happened, Evolutionists agree that it must have been a world-wide scale disaster. “For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth and the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy. ” – Exodus 20:11, John 1:3. Those are the words from the Bible. What that says there is that God created everything on Earth and that includes Earth itself, therefore dinosaurs had to have been created by God, which proves evolution wrong.

Dinosaurs are even mentioned in the Bible, of course not by the term “dinosaur”. It uses the ancient name “behemoth”. One of the Bible’s description of a dinosaur is in Job 41:15-24. Job is a very old book, probably written around 2000 B. C. Here God describes one of the larger dinosaurs. It is said to be describing a Brachiosaurus. It is a giant plant eating animal with strong bones. There are tracks in Texas that are embedded in hard rock that show that dinosaurs and man walked at the same time.

There is one human track and one dinosaur track seventeen inches apart. It is evidence that shows the thought that dinosaur and man never saw each other may be wrong. From the facts here I believe that the Christian theory is correct. The Evolutionists couldn’t agree on a reason for the disappearance of the dinosaurs, and I think that the flood wiped all but the one that were on the Ark. After the flood the dinosaurs could not handle the conditions, so they all died off. The theory of the canopy collapsing, I believe is why dinosaurs are gone.

The atmosphere after the flood was too harsh and hot. Also there was a big air pressure release after the flood. In evolution’s theory, the beginning of time was started by an accidental “Big Bang”. The planets were pulled into place. That opposes the Christian theory. Christians feel that God place all of the planets in a specific place. Creation was a matter of time. It took six days for the universe to be created. According to Evolution it just happened instantly. You can read anything in Genesis 1 and it will contradict the Evolutionary theory.

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