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Dedicated Anxiety: A Short Story Essay

Dedicated Anxiety

Death stretched his long arms out towards me as my muscles quivered. Fear and sadness over took my mind as the soft cushion cupped around my face. This was not the first time I had had a panic attack. I tried hard to breath deeply and calm my cries for help but hyperventilation set in. Shattering screams escaped my lips as I curled into the chair and sobbed uncontrollably.

Laughter flooded from the back seat as I swerved carefully onto Roy’s street. Max and Helen’s giddiness with each other pushed a thick knot of hatred into my throat, nauseating me. Pulling up to the disheveled frat house, we parked and wobbled up the stairs. The conversation escapes me, but I remember the set up. A cinder block, broken dining room…

“Damn, you’re really sweaty!” Helen said with a giggle. I glared at her lightly and sat down, ignoring her comment.
“What happened?” I exclaimed, expecting the worst. Apparently a man that lives two doors down from Roy ran away. His sister got worried so she called the police and filed a missing persons report. The men and women in uniform were going to all of the neighbors homes around the area asking if they had seen the missing man.
With what I hoped was the most intense moment of the night over; they continued to drink merrily as I watched. We laughed and talked about our life at camp as their speech got more and more slurred.
“Oh by the way, my friend Kyle is going to meet us at the bar. Oh and he’s going to try to fuck you guys.” Roy said looking at Helen and me.
“Oh good.” I said glaring at the ground. Helen giggled, and I knew it was my responsibility to remind her that she had a boyfriend back home. I tried all summer to remind her that, but I guess at summer camp, Max mattered more then Ethan.
“Try to calm down the flirting,” said Roy looking at Helen. Helen looked at Roy…

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