Mediator Dei and Sacrosanctum Concilium

Mediator dei This encyclical began a defining moment in the history of the Church. It was promulgated by Pope Pius XII it became the first papal encyclical devoted specifically and entirely to the liturgy. Its relevance is still being felt till this day, and this is evident in the chain of events following it; for … Read more

What It Means To Be Habesha

Ethiopia’s numerous tribes joined together in a culture of unity can be said to be very much Habesha. The term has many connotations, depending on who is asked. Habesha ultimately comes from a place other than Ethiopia. For this reason, it could be said Ethiopia’s culture found in religion, art, and politics also has been … Read more

What Is Cultural Convergence?

Cultural convergence is when different cultures become more and more similar and things like beliefs, values, customs and behaviors become alike. This is mostly shown with countries that interact and communicate, such as India and Pakistan.Communication and languages are incredibly important, as through languages we can see the impacts of cultural convergence and globalization throughout … Read more


With a history that dates back to 3,000 B.C., Tonga is governed by King Tupou VI, consists of 171 islands, and is over 99% Christian today. It has a rich culture and history, where women ‘eiki to men; that is, women outrank men. Dance has been a fundamental element of that culture. “Dance in Tonga … Read more


With a history that dates back to 3,000 B.C., Tonga is governed by King Tupou VI, consists of 171 islands, and is over 99% Christian today. It has a rich culture and history, where women ‘eiki to men; that is, women outrank men. Dance has been a fundamental element of that culture. “Dance in Tonga … Read more

Culture bound syndromes

Culture refers to ‘way of life’ or the way groups of people do things. It includes customs, traditions, values, concepts, rules, practices and set of knowledge that are acquired over a period of time and transmitted across generations through learning. Culture is significant from psychiatric point of view because it influences psychopathology of various psychiatric … Read more

The Comparisons And Contrasts Of Japanese And Filipino Eating Etiquettes

Asian countries are known for their rich culture and traditions. They are still very much connected with their customs that are passed on from previous generations. Although there have been various modern technologies and other development, some traditions are still maintained. Japan is a first world country hence; their cultures are very authentic and preserved. … Read more

Analysis Of Major Indian Beliefs And Attitudes

The United States is an extremely diverse country. Working in healthcare, one will encounter numerous cultures and beliefs. As results of this, it is the healthcare providers job to educate one’s self on various cultures. The National Institutes of Health identifies cultural respect as an essential factor in reducing healthcare disparities and improving access to … Read more

Authentic Chinese Cuisine

Chinese food has been the rage recently in urban cities. I don’t mean those “American-Chinese” restaurants which commonly serve overly sweetened and sauced fried chicken. Authentic Chinese food has almost no resemblance. Traditional Chinese dishes are often hidden away on Chinese-language menus in Chinatown, and they have the most exotic and alien names, like Fuqi … Read more

Oral literature

Oral literature is a culture passed down by word of mouth from one generation to another. Story telling has been around since humans invented language. Oral literature includes legends, myths, chants, songs and tales. This essay will discuss oral literature, as a literary genre, specific generic features from “Rainbow and Her Daughter” and its purpose. … Read more

Hand block printing

Hand block printing is the traditional technique of India. It has been practiced for centuries. This fabric printing technique involves use of dyed and craved blocks of wooden. Beautiful patterns created on fabric by pressing those wooden blocks on it. Only single colour is used in the block printing. Bagru, Rajasthan, is the key hub … Read more

Thunder Rites in Taoism

The Taoist Canons gives abundant references to Thunder Rites, training on making ornaments, Fu charms, and performing spells in the thunder enchantment custom. Shen Hsiao Tao (???) and Tian Xing Zheng Fa (????) are two heredities that represented considerable authority in thunder enchantment. 55 Taoist professionals from any custom or ancestry will probably have contemplated … Read more

Carnival in Rio De Janeiro

In this assignment, I’m going to talk about a tradition that continues to be observed, carnival in Rio De Janeiro. I will talk about two things. One is this Carnival roots and the other is the event’s statement. Now, let’s explain about this event. First, I’m going to talk about this carnival roots. The Rio … Read more

Ethnicity and leisure

Ethnicity is understood as a unique cultural heritage or set of cultural characteristics that are passed down through generations. It is typically known through patterns of language, family life, religion, and even leisure customs. While culture is referring to attitudes, practices customs, and behaviors that characterize a group of people. With the world becoming more … Read more

My Antonia: Non-traditional Gender Roles

“Boys will be boys” is a clich often used when males exemplify the traits of wild, abandoned exploration, or use poor judgment in situations due to a desire to fulfill self. These traits, however, are seen as great downfalls and serious cause for concern should females display the same characteristics. Willa Cather beautifully portrays characters … Read more

Non Traditional Religions Voodoo Spiritualism Cults

Religion is primary agent of social control in our society. Due to its communally held beliefs and principles, we have a foundation on which we can rest the laws, values, and the main doctrine, of almost any society. Here in America, we have tremendous freedom in both establishing and in choosing the religion of our … Read more

The Color Bearer Tradition

The War Between the States was the heyday of American battleflags and their bearers. With unusualhistorical accuracy, many stirring battle paintings show the colors and their intrepid bearers in the forefront of the fray or as a rallying point in a retreat. The colors of a Civil War regiment embodied its honor, and the men … Read more