Stereotypes Of Family Guy Essay

The communication situation that I have chosen to focus on this semester is how the show Family Guy relies on offensive jokes and stereotypes of fat people. I have specifically focused on the episode “The Fat Guy Strangler”. Family Guy is an animated adult cartoon television series that premiered on January 31, 1999. The storylines … Read more

Triple Decker Analysis Essay

TRIPLE DECKER is a proposed one-hour TV series. The tone blends drama with some comedy. The idea of an extended family all living in one “triple decker” home has merit. TV shows about families are popular and the concept of one family living under the same roof is a smart idea and a good setup … Read more

Out Of My Book Character Analysis Essay

Out of My Book is a television series concerning eight book characters who are marooned on an island called Eithiola. In the exposition of the show, which is about two or three episodes long, the main characters are introduced. Ava, Sophie, Prairie Evers, and Ivy are all from Earth and do not believe in magical … Read more