Fine Art Restoration

A privately owned and operated art conservation studio, Stoetzer, Inc provides a range of services to museums, art dealers, galleries, foundation and private collectors across the globe. Located in Miami, Florida, we have not restored, treated or scientifically tested more than 12,000 objects since we opened in 1968. In addition, we’ve examined thousands more to … Read more

Essay about Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri Analysis

How does art convey a meaningful narrative through the use of symbolism? Art gives the capability for a person to communicate their opinions or tell stories. Artists use a variety of mediums to convey their beliefs, attitudes and values about the world. Art can vary in its level of subtlety when trying to depict what … Read more

Arts Integration Essay

Arts integration should be utilized in school systems today. Art integration involves learning through art while content is simultaneously incorporated alongside. In the education system today, new concepts and ideas are being implemented into classrooms where they are seen fit. Art is not a new or advanced idea, but complete classroom integration is somewhat new. … Read more

Out Of My Book Character Analysis Essay

Out of My Book is a television series concerning eight book characters who are marooned on an island called Eithiola. In the exposition of the show, which is about two or three episodes long, the main characters are introduced. Ava, Sophie, Prairie Evers, and Ivy are all from Earth and do not believe in magical … Read more