An Overview of the Origin of Swimming

Written records of swimming date back to near 2000 BC, however, nowhere are strokes or techniques mentioned, children were simply taught to swim. A record from between 2160 BC and 1780 BC from an Egyptian nobleman says “his children took swimming lessons with the king’s children” (Colwin 4). In addition, many passages from the Biblical … Read more

My Addiction To Swimming

No Leisure Swimming Here Swimming is a typical activity people of all ages enjoy in the summer. Americans spend hours passing time at the pool sunbathing, floating in the water, or watching their children. These activities are usually the first things that come to mind for most when talking about swimming. Because of the hard … Read more

Main Themes In The Women’s Swimming Pool

Analysis of “The Women’s Swimming Pool” In “The Women’s Swimming Pool” by Hanan Al-Shayk, a picture is painted of a girl’s journey to Beirut from her rural town 1982. The political and social ramifications of her world create the frustration and loss inherent in the binds she finds herself in inherited from her family and … Read more

Come In – The Water is Fine

The world of women’s bathing suits, swimming and swimwear developed throughout time with the expectations of making bathing an enjoyable social experience. (Kidwell, 117) While the focus of my advertisement draws on the bathing accessories women bought and wore in 1914, it opens up the entire realm of morality and modesty in that age. I … Read more