The Sport of Boxing Should Not Be Banned

Boxing has an immense appeal in many cultures, and attracts enthusiastic fans and participants worldwide. It has been around for many years, and despite its popularity, many have grown to dislike it. Some believe that it’s simply barbaric, and it crosses the line which distinguishes violence from sports. Boxing is a viable athletic pursuit, and … Read more

Dempsey and Firpo

George Bellows’ piece titled Dempsey and Firpo represents the fight on the century in the nineteenth hundred between an American heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey and his Argentine rival Luis Angel Firpo. This piece was made in 1924 as Bellows sat ringside sketching, and later deciding to turn one of the sketches into a painting (Art … Read more

Boxing features and benefits

Boxing is a sport popularly viewed as a display of brute strength. However the true essence of boxing is skill and not strength. One of the most controversial subjects in martial arts deals with importance of skill or strength in a fight. But boxing is not just about the fight, it’s a sport. Analyzing how … Read more