Rook polynomials: Rook Problem 1 and 2

Rook polynomials Rook polynomials is the number of ways to place k non-attacking rooks on an original chess board where no two rooks can be in the same row or column. The general formula to calculate the number of arrangements of non-attacking rooks is. The formula for calculating non attacking rooks is The polynomials below … Read more

The benefits of chess

Chess and its Benefits Board games has long been used as an entertainment for all people in different occasions and situations. There are a lot of board games out there and chess is one of the most famous board games played in different countries. Although there is no history records from who invented chess, but … Read more

Chess is more than a game; it’s a philosophy

I looked up at my opponent over the maple and mahogany battlefield covered with kings, queens, and knights after half an hour of silent contemplation. Fallen soldiers – discarded in the heat of battle – were strewn across the sides of the table. Staring back at me was the most experience strategist in my home … Read more

A look at the comparison between chess and math

Mathematics is a term discussed to be one of the most important ways of knowing for humans. Yet this learning can be compared to many different things: art, paintings, music, literature, yet also a game. Mathematics can be described as similar to a game because they have many fundamentally similar things. For example, Chess. Mathematics … Read more

Biography of Paul Morphy

Paul Morphy had everything necessary for success that one could think of. He had a wealthy family, was a hard worker, had an astounding mind, and was well liked by nearly all the people he knew. Yet throughout his life he was met with failure and sadness. His near perfect circumstances and tumultuous final year … Read more