Essay about Maestro Dialectical Journal Analysis

Paul learns the briefness of life in retrospect of all other things. He sees his closest comrades and best friends die beside him, leaving him with a feeling of urgency to live a life worth living, as it could end at any minute. Simply stated by Paul, “Life is short” (139). Paul and his living … Read more

Military Training Benefits Essay

Joining the military has its benefits; but before we start talking about the main points let’s see what the military has to offer you. Through its tough courses it will test you to your limits. It will make you strive to do better. So joining the military is beneficial. The average time a soldier is … Read more

Catch-22 and the Theme of Death

There are many ways for a man to die, but there is no way to bring him back after he has entered the world of dead. Catch-22 is a novel satirizing war, and because of this, it inevitably has a strong underlying theme of death. But unlike many war novels, Catch-22 doesn’t use violent depictions … Read more