Persepolis Literary Techniques

What if you were living happily minding your own self living life, and then suddenly, different roles were forced upon you, and in a short time span your whole world would be thrown upside down? Well that is a brief insight into what Marji’s life, as described in the graphic novel and autobiography, Persepolis. The … Read more

Does Photoshop Is Ethical

In journalism, many writers consider the presentation of their photograph as a significant piece of their work. To present their photographs in the most professional manner possible, most writers turn to Photoshop. In the process of retouching their photo, some will manipulate the photo unethically. However, most editors do not do this, and those that … Read more

Dorothea Lange Research Paper

Jack Prewitt Professor Karlstein PHOT 107 6 May 2017 Dorothea Lange Research Paper Dorothea Lange was a photographer from the United States who became well known for her photographic journalism on farmers during the Great Depression. Before I go into detail about her work as a photographer, I will offer background to her past. Dorothea … Read more

On Photography Susan Sontag Analysis Essay

With the touch of a single click a picture is taken and forever revitalized. Photography takes the essence of memory and seals it into the history of those involved in the process. Susan Sontag’s didactic text “On Photography” digs deep into the meaning of photography and claims that it has unlimited power within modern society. … Read more

Dziga Vertov’s Man With A Movie Camera Essay

This is an investigation into the photographers subjectivity, and how the photographers relationship between the subject and themselves becomes a collaboration to convey some sort of special significants. The photographer is tied to the facts of the subject and he/she has to define the truth, the photographer is able to add a coherent narrative by … Read more

Henri Cartier-Bresson Essay

Henri Cartier-Bresson is among some of the most influential photographers of the 20th century. His photographs appear in most popular magazines such as, Life, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and also co founding Magnum Photo Agency. Cartier-Bresson pursued photography with an impulsive passion that he refined into a photojournalistic art form. He is also well know for … Read more

Eddie Adams Famous Photographers Analysis Research Paper

Introduction “War is partly madness, mostly insanity and the rest is schizophrenia. “- Don McCullin. (BBC Imagine 2013 McCullin) Capturing the decisive moments of these wars have not just created a genre of photography called war photography but also enhanced public awareness. Both Donald McCullin and Eddie Adams, being photojournalists recognized for their war photography, … Read more

Susan Sontag Analysis Essay

When comparing the descriptive technique of Susan Sontag’s On Photography book between ALL MY LIFE FOR SALE by John D. Freyer and eBay, we will find that Mr. Freyer demonstrated a merely subjective description that was mentored solely by his own point of view. The assumption that “every photographer should read this book” in the … Read more

A Memorable Experience in Photography

To experience photography, one must have a certain style of photographs to really appreciate or admire. Photographs are picturesque images and views that really catch the interest of the photographer. For me to experience and admire photography, it took me only one photographer to really appreciate the power it has his name is Robert Capa. … Read more