Critical Literature Review Of "The Red Thread Zen" Written By Susan Murphy Roshi

The red thread Zen written by Susan Murphy Roshi talks about body, sexuality, passion, care, torn, dark, Mortal, laughter, hands and eyes, the teisho of the actual body. According to The red (or ‘vermilion’) thread originally connoted the color of the silk undergarments courtesans were obliged to wear. Most spiritual traditions do their best … Read more

Business For The Glory Of God Book Review

For this book review we will be focusing on Chapter 9, Borrowing and Lending. Wayne Grudem believes that borrowing and lending is a godly activity. There are places where borrowing and lending are ok, such as borrowing a book or tool. It would even be ok in certain circumstances to borrow money. However, Grudem states … Read more

Annual Report

This section gives a scope description and overview of everything included in this SRS document. Also, the purpose for this document is described and a list of abbreviations and definitions is provided. Purpose The purpose of this document is to give a detailed description of the requirements for the “Tahal” device. It will illustrate the … Read more

Book Report: "Legend" By Marie Lu

The book I read is called Legend, By Marie Lu. The book is set in a dystopian Los Angeles in a country divided into two warring parts: the Republic and the Colonies. The main characters are Daniel “Day” Altan Wing and June Iparis, two teenagers during this time. Day was born into the slums of … Read more

When The Mississippi Ran Backwards

When the Mississippi Ran Backwards: Empire, Intrigue, Murder, and the New Madrid Earthquakes was written by Jay Feldman. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Feldman was a part of a band during the time he attended Brooklyn College around 1963. Earned his Bachelor of Arts in speech and theater; moving from New York to California Feldman is … Read more

The Cellist of Sarajevo Book Report

The Cellist of Sarajevo Book ReportSetting The Cellist of Sarajevo, a novel written by Steven Galloway is set in the city of Sarajevo, during the Bosnian war in the 1990’s. Galloway chose this setting to recount the stories of eyewitnesses present during the siege of Sarajevo, and to give his reader’s a sense of what … Read more

Book Report “The Corona Project” by Curtis Peebles

Curtis Peebles is empowering readers with the newly declassified information on how the first American satellites were set into use for intelligence gathering. Through his book, The Corona Project: Americas First Spy Satellites, the author gives detailed information on the birth of the satellite program by watching the Corona project from its beginnings in the … Read more