An analsysis of the theme of love and deceit in Twelfth Night

According to Patrick Swinden in An Introduction to Shakespeare’s Comedies, a comedy does not demand the ‘the degree of concentration and belief’ required by tragedy. As a result, an audience of a play ‘is amusedly aware that it’s all a play, a game that they are sharing with the actors’. FN1 In Twelfth Night, it … Read more

Gender in As You Like It

Present day conceptions of gender would appear to be different to what they were in Shakespeares day. Clear cut divisions of male, female and neuter are apparent. One would need to look back to the time of Shakespeare to try and see the different view of gender identity. Using the play As You Like It … Read more

As You Like It

The forest of Arden is the setting where the majority of As You Like It takes place. As inhabitants of the court enter the forest they experience people and an environment very different from what they are accustomed to and each perceive this experience differently. The environment is consistent so how each character views the … Read more

As you like it

List the “town” characters in the play, enumerate their attributes, and discuss how they reflect town life. Use the same format for the “country” characters. 2. There are four pairs of lovers in the play. Characterize each couple and discuss the concept of love that they represent. 3. Give several examples showing how Shakespeare uses … Read more