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The importance of Learning Spanish

Spanish is getting more important in the field of economics and culture because of the increasing Latin influence around the world. Language is obviously a vital tool. Not only is it a means of communicating thoughts and ideas, but it forges friendships, cultural ties, and economic relationships. Language, of course, is knowledge, and in our world today knowledge is one of the key factors in competitiveness. Brains and knowledge are what create the prosperity and growth we tend to take for granted.

In an advanced industrial society in an increasingly interdependent world, the knowledge of other languages becomes indispensable. Well, today, Im going to talk about why we all should learn Spanish and its importance. First of all, Spanish is important because you can communicate with nearly 500 million people in the world! This means you will have a greater number of possibilities in the labour market. At the end of the 19th century, 60 million people were Spanish speakers. Today, nearly 500 million people across the world speak Spanish.

Moreover, Spanish is the mother tongue of approximately 350 million people in 21 countries including Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru. Therefore, we can say that Spanish is the second most used language in international communication. The influence of Spanish in American culture and society is a real fact. According to CNN student news UNESCO estimates that 25 % of population will speak Spanish in EE. UU by 2050. In addition to what I have mentioned before, there are many facts why we should learn Spanish.

The Hispanic population in the United States has grown by 60 percent in just one decade. At present there are 35,5 million Hispanics, representing 12,5 percent of the total population. Due to this increase, there is a growing demand for the media to be in Spanish radio, television, newspaper, and magazines. As an example of radio programs I can mention a talk show on “La Nueva” 101. 9 FM, which is the highest rated show in L. A> As it was discuss in a TV program called Talks with police officers about the importance of Spanish,”.

Another example is The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, which seeks to expand the international element of teaching offering Spanish- language training to support the staff. Also, Ken Boote, an agronomy professor, studied Spanish in college and has learned some Spanish in work abroad. Now he is working with a scientist at the University of Santiago in Spain and needs Spanish to better communicate with his coworker. He plans to travel to the university this summer and wants to improve his Spanish before he goes.

With these and many other examples, we can see that knowing another language, we have more opportunities of getting a well pay job to develop our carrier. In short, Knowing Spanish will open doors to you around the world, as you study the language, you will come and appreciate the way of life, custom, values, and cultures of people from many different areas of the world. Learning Spanish can be fun and will bring you a sense of accomplishment together with the source of enrichment for the rest of your life. Also, it will move you forward to a higher level of education and competitiveness in your field of work.

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