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Spanish Vs Inca Compare And Contrast Essay

They Incas vs. the Spanish was a local event between nations from two different hemispheres. The Incas were from the eastern hemisphere and the Spanish were from the western hemisphere. The two hemispheres were very different. The eastern hemisphere has landed gong from north to south unlike the western hemisphere where land goes from west to east. Land going west to east was okay because the day was the same all the way along and the terrain was similar throughout the land, but for the eastern hemisphere going from north to south was hard because the day changed along the way and the terrain was very different.

The Incas were nott very advanced due to their mountainous land, while the Spanish were very advanced and had great land. The Spanish had a lot of specialized labor, which is a result of a large population which is a result of good agriculture which is a result of good geography. The Spanish were right next to the tropic of cancer, so it was warm and the land and water was good. The geographical advantages of the Eastern Hemisphere over the Western Hemisphere influenced this historical event.

Also the different political leadership influenced this event. The Incas only had Atahualpa and so when the Spanish captured him, the Incas idn’t know what to do. By 1492 Europeans in general controlled or had ties to 3 of the 4 river valleys of the Eastern Hemisphere. The Europeans like the Spanish had many advantages when it came into the world because they both had amazing specialized labor, better than the rest of the world. Europe and Spain alike had very large populations, greater than any other civilization in the Americas.

By 1492 the Europeans controlled 3 of the 4 river valleys and so they had amazing agriculture. The only river, they didn’t have was the Chinese river valley. Having 3 of the river valleys gave them geographical advantages. In the Western Hemisphere agriculture was really good because they were right on the tropic of cancer and so it was warm with lots of land and water around, while in the eastern hemisphere there wasn’t a lot of land and water around so it was hard to grow crops.

Since the eastern hemisphere didn’t have good geography they didn’t have good agriculture, and so their population was small, which led to a small amount of specialized labor. The western hemisphere was the exact opposite in that they had good geography, so they had good agriculture, so they had a large population, so they had a lot of specialized labor. The Incas also had small animals and so when it came to plowing the land they had to do it themselves because here was no animal large enough to do it. The western Europeans had horses and cows and big animals to plow the land for them.

The Incas had very mountainous land and so agriculture was hard and they had to do terrace farming, which needed to be carved into the mountain and it was hard work so they would have to spend all their time on farming on other kinds of specialized labor. Specialized labor drives a society and competition drives specialized labor. The Spanish had to compete against all the ther European countries and so they worked hard on specialized labor while the Incas didn’t have anybody to compete against so they didn’t have anything to drive them specialized labor.

In the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876 the eastern hemisphere armies are victorious because they use weapons made by western hemisphere specialized laborers. In the Battle of Nu’uanu in 1795 the Hawaiians win the battle by using guns, a western hemisphere weapon. In both cases the eastern hemisphere armies are victorious in a few battles because of the products they got from the western hemisphere. This eventually meant why would both lose in the long run ecause, although they could master the weapon they could not produce it. The Spanish were very advanced due to the fact that they had traded.

When they went to South America, where the Incas were, they had things such as guns and cannons made by a Spanish gun maker, they had armor and shields and swords made by Spanish blacksmiths, they got horses from Spanish farmers, they also brought ships that could travel for long distances in the ocean made by Spanish ship builders. They also brought disease, but it didn’t affect them as much as it affected the Incas because the Spanish were immune to it and they had octors that were knowledgeable about the disease and they had experience unlike the Inca doctors. Even the conquistadors themselves were specialized in fighting.

They came with things that all relate back to specialized labor. The Spanish had specialized labor for a long time. The had people like Columbus who were specialized in long distance explorations, or people who were specialized in writing and producing, which helped because others could learn from past events. The Spanish were very good at specialized labor and they had a lot of it. They were more advanced, experienced, and knowledgeable than the Incas or anyone else from the Americas. The Incas of South America had a very impressive society, but they also had many disadvantages.

The Incas did not really know that anybody else existed and so they didn’t have a trade. Without trade, things like gunpowder couldn’t make it to them. Since they didn’t have weapons like guns and cannons they had to make their own weapons so they had to use materials like wood, stone, or bone. Even their armor was made from bone and bamboo. The Inca’s biggest animal was a llama and so they didn’t have big animals to ride into war. There were no animals like horses. Sine they didn’t have big animals they didn’t have any animals to plow the land so they had to do it themselves.

The Incas didn’t have a navy because they didn’t have ships. All they had were reed boats. The Incas had doctors ad they were not bad, in fact, they were good with the diseases that were put forth from other Inca citizens, but they were not keen to eastern hemisphere diseases because those were very different and so when the conquistadors came and brought diseases the doctors did not know what to do. The Incas had no chain of command system they just had one litter which caused problems because nce he was captured, chaos broke out.

The Incas didn’t have a Columbus to go travel the world and find out what’s out there. They didn’t have someone like Marco Polo to start trade with others. There was no one writing down things in the western hemisphere and so they couldn’t learn from events from the past. The Aztecs had gone through similar events of the Incas 10 years prior, but there was no way for the Incas to know. The Incas definitely had specialized labor, but it was’t diverse or advanced like the Europeans. In conclusion, the Incas and the Spanish lived in different societies that affected them in warfare.

The Incas did not have very skilled, specialized labor while the Spanish did. The Incas had a small population, compared to the Spanish. The Incas had a hard time with agriculture because of their land while the Spanish had an easy time. The Incas had bad geography that affected them negatively and the Spanish had great geography that helped them a lot. Because of the many disadvantages the Incas faced they were no able to protect themselves from a much more advanced society from another hemisphere in battle. They ended up being conquered which could have changed if they had a better progression.

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