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Christianity, Religion Essay

Christianity started a long time ago much like many other religions. It started with stories about creation etc. Their was a general belief in one superior god. That belief evolved into the belief that there was only one true god. Well, some of the early Christian beliefs were recorded. Many of these acconts were gathered and put together into what is now known as the Old Testament. Then, around 1 A. D. or so Jesus was born. There is scientific/historical proof to this as well as the accounts given in the Bible, so do not think that these facts are being solely derived from the Bible.

Jesus was not liked by governments, because he was a trouble maker. He was eventually killed(crucifiction). After he died he became a lot more popular than when he was alive and after he died people began claiming he was the son of God (they also claimed he came back to life, but his body probably twitched or sat up, or something after he was dead and the few people who saw it told the story and greatly exagerated it). When Jesus was alive he was simply revered as a great prophet.

Anyway, the governments attempted to crush Christianity, but the people began to say bad things about the Roman government and used the example of them crusifying Jesus. So, the Roman government decided to adopt Christianity to prevent an uprising. The thing is, the government had complete control over the church. They twisted the religion to suit them. They tried to use it to get people to conform to society, obey laws, and to make a profit.

Modern day Christianity is almost exactly like the Roman Catholic(Roman Catholic is Christianity) Christianity, exept that it is not usually under the control of government, especially in the U. S. , so modern preachers have just kept the same concept, exept they cant legally force people to become Christians and they are looking to line only their own pockets, and not the governments. Also, more people have killed and died in the name of Christianity than in any other religion, and despite the constant contradictions of this religion, it is supposed to support peace. I could ramble on and on about the evils of Christianity and so many people would hate me for it.

So, Christianity is a very bad religion to go into, because A- It attempts to force or scare others into converting(the more Christians, the more money and power(influence over people and society) the church has). B- It emphasizes conforming to long lists of rules and regulations(from its government run days), rather than trying to help you find peace with yourself or happines. Christianity is based almost solely on lies. Almost every religion has some falseness and some truthfullness. This one lacks truth. They get you in a vortex. If you cant find evidence to believe in God, its because you dont believe.

It doesnt make since. It is based on beleiving whatever you are told, no matter how irrelevant that may sound(blind faith). This religion wants you to ignore basic truths and believe any thing that is told to you, if you do not believe that load of crap they tell you, in the past you would have been killed. Forcing someone to believe in something that makes absolutely no since by telling them that they will be eternally punished if they dont or by using brute force or the threat of death(as has been done in the past and in other countries and somewhat in this country) is wrong.

More people have probably died in the name of God than anything else. The government also likes this religion because the Church and state can work hand in hand to manipulate its subjects as it has done from the beginning of time. If these preachers and reliogious people belived so much in their ideas why then do they contradict themselves and not even practice their own religion the way they claim it was meant to practiced? That is like a parent telling a child it is wrong to steal while they themseves make a living from stealing.

If you still back this religion after the obvious facts I have given (and I know people will, because this is a very popular religion) then you are saying that god is a peaceful god who crushes all enemies of his people, but shows no indifference (and a series of other contradictory things) and that God is a supreme being with all mighty power, but for all the world you couldnt get all the religious leaders in the world and have everybody pray and have him perform a simple task such as making it rain on a givin day, but if it does rain (witch eventually it will) he will be given credit for that rain.

God cannot do this despite the fact that he parted a great sea and did all this other crap, yet he cannot do nothing now? He also had a son whos mother was a virgin and yet there is only one god, so this son, who clearly claimed to be the son of god, and not as great as his father, who praid to his father and frequently asked for his help, really was talking to himself come on. This religion says whatever they tell you is true, and when, in the midst of their lies, certain contradictories come up(witch is bound to happen in all lies) that you must believe both contradictories because they are never wrong.

So, yes god was born from a virgin and raised himself from the dead and floated back up to heaven. The pope could say that the cow jumped over the moon and you would have to believe it. This religion is corrupt and evil. Possitive Points- It does teach a degree of morals, but the price for that is crazy. By commiting to Chritianity either A- your not a true believer, but feel obliged to give money to the Church, thus the Church benefits, or B- you basically sell your soul to the Church. Incorporations into my own religion- obviously this religion is the one I am most familiar with, I know a lot about this religion.

I see nothing I would want to include in my own religion in this one. If I do inadvertantly incorporate anything from this religion into my own, it is not to my knowledge or it is common ground wich is present in several different religions. Now, I have just one question to those who are reading this- If I wrote a book, would you believe whatever I said in it? Heres the Christian saying, (fill this area in with some off the wall silly saying like, Jesus walked on water, or of course Jesus died for our sins, but then he back to life) How do I know this is true?

Because I read it in the Bible. Ya, would you like me to run your brain through the spin cycle one more time? Heres some additional facts about Christianity- they eat wafers and claim they are eating god. They claim if someone hits you, you should turn the other cheek, but throughout history, Christianity has been hitting the other religions on the cheek, like trying to exterminate them, often by killing every member of the religion. Also, Christianity gave Native Americans two options in earlier pioneer days- convert to Christianity or Die.

Thats why there are so many Christians today, not because it was a good relgion, but because the Church/State wanted more converts to control and leach money out of. Your ancstors were probably forced into Christianity, if your family is Christian and if you fit in the same category of 99% of people (excluding people of, oh say, muslim religion, or Oriental people, or maybe African, although African American dont count, cause they were forced into Christianity too, often killed for practicing voodoo).

Even in Italy(Roman Catholic ring a bell? ) Christianity eventually became forced on people. In most of Europe, including the far North, and east many nature religions resembling that of Native Americans existed (Pagans and such). If the church didnt have complete control over everybody, then that wasnt enough. Nowadays Christianity is more lax, but it still is a bad relgion, and given the chance, would resume its old methods of getting converts by force (for now they must rely solely on brainwashing).

Another fact. You here bad things about Cults, but all of Christianity fits the definition of a Cult (that is with the presents of a church etc. a solitary practioner doesnt apply and their may be some isolated exeptions). Note: I dont mean to offend anybody, and if you have a problem with this, let me know, but I have just as much a right in my beliefs(wich makes since) as you do in yours. I am only bashing Christianity for the most part, because I am exposed to it the most.

I do not have anything against someone because they are a Christian. I was once a Christian too, until I found God(myself). So, instead of saying God Dammit, I say Raymond Kidwell Dammit. I also think other religions suck too. The doorknob is smarter than the Christians and Christian websites suck. You would think that with all that money their getting they could make a good site, but they dont. Look at the RA organazation, were poor as hell, but our web-sites at least half-way decent. Well be adding a lot as time goes by.

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