Throughout Princess Diana’s lifetime she loved, cared, and helped others along the way. She had many accomplishments in life. Such as her children and her many organizations. Lady Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1, 1961 at Park House, a residence on the royal estate at Sandringham. She was the third of four children and the youngest daughter. Diana was born to her father Edward John Spencer Viscount Althorp and mother Frances Roche Spencer (King 27). Diana shared her home with two older sisters, Sarah and Jane and a younger brother Charles (Kantrowitz 40). As a child, first she was expected to go through a preparatory school.

She attended Riddlesworth Hall an all girls boarding school. Then in 1974 she transferred from her preparatory school to West Heath. Three years later in 1977 she left West Heath to continue schooling at Institute Alpin Videmanette in Switzerland. After finishing schooling, Diana got a job working as a part time kindergarten teacher at the Young England School in Pimlico. On top of that, she also was a part time nanny who spent her time looking after a small child (“Diana” Internet). On February 24, 1981 the engagement of Prince Charles and Lady Diana was announced (Delano 36).

The couple later was married at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London on July 29, 1981. The wedding ceremony attracted global television and radio audiences. It was estimated that around one thousand million people watched or heard the wedding. In addition, thousands of people lined the route the royal carriage took to the cathedral. Diana was the first English woman in three hundred years to marry an heir to the British throne. Diana wore a silk dress designed by the Emanuels, which trailed a twenty-five foot train (“Diana” Internet). A year later June 21, 1982 Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis was born at St.

Mary’s Hospital. Two years later Charles and Diana’s second child, Harry Charles Albert David was born on Sept. 15, 1984 (Delano 36). As her children grew, they developed a love for winter sports especially skiing. They often took trips to the Alps (Donnelly 48). After eleven years of marriage, the couple announced their separation on Dec. 9, 1992. Circumstances that led to the separation were Charles’s reserved demeanor while Diana was young and down to earth. These are one of the few obstacles between Diana and Charles that led to divorce, four years later in Aug. 1996 (Delano 88).

During the marriage, both Diana and Charles had extra marital affairs. Charles returned to his old lover Camilla Parker Bowles. Sometime during their marriage, Diana also had an affair with a Calvary officer; James Hewitt before the marriage ended (Kantrowitz 43). After divorce, Diana retained her title as “Princess of Wales”. She also received twenty-six and a half million dollars and six hundred thousand a year to maintain her position as office staff. She lived in a five-bedroom apartment in Kensington Palace. In addition, after their divorce, Diana and Charles shared joint custody of their sons William and Harry (Kantrowitz 40).

The trauma of her divorce and constant media attention led to her obsession with her weight and appearance. She developed an eating disorder called bulimia (Delano 51). She often over exercised and stressed over dieting. The public often blamed Diana’s illness on her depression and insecurities (Donnelly 49). During Diana’s life, she devoted much of it to helping others. Especially the poor and less fortunate (Donnelly 122). She also did a lot with benefits and charities to raise more money. Diana had a few special charities, which were her favorites.

She donated the most to these. They were the Leprosy Mission, English National Ballet, National AIDS Trust, Royal Marsden NHS Trust and London’s Great Ormond St. Hospital for children (Donnelly 96-97). Over the years, Diana did so much charity work. She often donated food, clothes, and money to starving children and the less fortunate (Delano 64-65). She also cared for the sick and dying, especially children, by keeping them company playing games, or just visiting with them. Even the little things helped (Delano 74-75). Diana touched the lives of so many in everything she did.

She also helped with AIDS patients, battered women, and drug addicts cope with their problems (Kantrowitz 40). One of the bigger projects the late Diana worked on was the Angolan landmine. She did research on the subject, after it occurred, and decided she wanted to help with the amputees and other victims. Her visiting these people helped them cope with their pain (Donnelly 107). Over the many years of Diana’s help and work she put into the world, she obtained the name “People Princess”. She not only was she a help and mentor, but a role model for everyone (Donnelly 74).

A tragic death hit the nation on Sunday August 31 1997. Princess Diana and her new found companion Mr. Dodi Fayed were both killed in a horrible car accident at the Place del Alma underpass in Central Paris (“Diana” Internet). This was a shock and tragedy to everyone. This beautiful fairy tale princess was now dead. On Saturday September 6, 1997, Diana’s funeral service was held at her family estate at Althorp. She was later buried on an island in the center of an ornamental lake (“Diana” Internet). Diana touched the hearts of so many people. She did good for everyone, everywhere.

She graced people with her presence. Her destiny was fulfilled in life by completing her “mission” to help everyone (Donnelly 89). Diana’s face was also the most valuable possession. It helped draw attention to the causes and issues she cared about worldwide, but this also caused Diana her life. Through her life the paparazzi never left her be or gave her the privacy and space she needed. She was rarely out of range from people’s cameras (Kantrowitz 40). As it can be seen, Princess Diana led a very successful life. Although short, her life left an impression on the world that will never be forgotten.

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