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Persuasive Essay On The Lottery

Choice Will a bad choice, lead you to your own murder? In the story “The Lottery”, we witness the murder of a woman as a form of sacrifice; the villagers must attend that event to follow their tradition, which doesn’t give them a choice to think for themselves. In the films: The Second Renaissance I&ll, we witness the murder of humans and violence between both the robots and humans, robots wanted peace, but the human choose not to, leading them to their destruction. In Matriculated, we witness the murder of the freedom fighters, and the choice the robot made to help the humans as he converted.

In World Record, we witness the choice Dan made risking everything to prove everyone wrong, leading to the murder or his career. Murder can be in a literal or figurative form. The story “The Lottery”, and the films The Second Renaissance I&II, Matriculated, and World Record murder is lead by choices made by main characters, a technique used to demonstrate control and power. In “The Lottery”, we witness a tradition that has been going on for decades, through many generations.

Though many traditions have been lost in “The Lottery”, many still remain, due to the power and control it holds. The “Black Box” is a great symbol of power in the story; “Black” represents darkness, and the “box” is to serve an obscure purpose for the winner that will be selected. The “Black Box” itself represents the tradition that doesn’t want to be forgotten by the villagers. Mr. Summers wanted to change the box, but “no one liked to upset even as much tradition as was represented by the ‘Black Box”(pg. 1). How much power and control, can a single box have over someone’s life?

Tessie Hutchinson arrived late to the lottery, drawing the attention of all the villagers. As she arrived Mr. Summers the organizer of the event made a joke saying, “thought we were going to have to get on without you, Tessie”, as she arrive, she said “Thought my old man was out back stacking wood… then I remembered it was the twenty-seventh and came a-running” (pg. 2) the author creates an interesting foreshadow allowing the reader to see how the villagers did not have the right to choose over their own lives.

Tessie was the WINNER, (or should I say loser? ) The event ended in a tragedy or as the villagers probably calls it a “sacrifice” Tessie was stoned to death. No one in this particular village had the power to choose to stop or controlled this tradition, which had no purpose. The tradition itself controlled everyone in the village making them believe that it was okay to kill, for the entertainment and for the joy of the villagers. The lottery had so much power and control, that it wouldn’t allow the villagers to have a choice.

In The Second Renaissance I, we witness the robots trying to blend in and helping the humans, once one killed, all were destroyed, making the robot left, gain power and control over the life of the humans, and finishing with mankind. To begin with, in The Second Renaissance I, The robots tried to look like humans, one interpreting a woman was torn apart by the humans brutally. Robots were created to do “man’s bidding”, to do what humans couldn’t do. B1-66ER defending himself from being destroyed, killed his master, and so all of the robots were destroyed.

We then witness the death of the humans, and the power and control gain by the robots, which allowed them to create: “a new nation, new laws, and a new society”. For Example, when most of Latin America got its independence from Europe, they gain power, which allowed them to create: new laws, a new nation, and also a new society, which was of benefit to everyone. The Europeans had no control over the Latin American nations, because power was gained and control was taken away. Robots tried to make peace with humans, “O1’s ambassadors were sent to appear at an mergency session of the UN, presenting a plan for a stable and civil relationship with mankind. The proposal was denied” the humans chose not to cooperate with the robots, digging their own graves. Around 1930, segregation separated races from each other, the same thing happened with the humans and the robots, when the people didn’t wanted to make peace with the robots. In The Second Renaissance II, humans cut off the robots of their energy source: the sun, the choice to cover the sky with smoke lead humans to their destruction.

In The Second Renaissance II, we witness the death of humanity, after they tried to “cut off” energy source from the robots, which they called, “Operation Dark Storm”, but the “Nuclear Bombardment did not affect the machines as much as they did to man” (Matrix 101). Machines gained knowledge, and power, which allowed them to be in control, as humans once were. Disgracing the humans. The humans used machines as a tool to help themselves, but at the end the machines used the human as “renewal energy source” In Matriculated, a robot was given a choice: to covert to help humans.

We also witness the death of the freedom fighters. In the Matrix, it was used to “emerge humans into a virtual world build by machine”, but in Matriculated, the humans build their own virtual matrix to emerge robots. The freedom fighters had the power and control to show the robot the wonders of humanity: “love, humor, and playfulness” because “to a virtual mind all reality is virtual”. As the robot emerges into a “matrix” created by humans, he lives and sees things that he has never experienced before: he plays, interacts, and feels.

The robots attacked, killing everyone. Alexa (the only one left alive) asked for the machines help, and he helped her. He had experience a new world of power and control, and so he helped her. In World Record, the death of Dan’s career was the end for him. He made a choice: to run thinking that he had the power to control it. Dan was a world champion due to substances he had used in the past, and so his world record was taken from him.

He wanted to prove everyone hat he could run and break the world record without using any substance. His coach didn’t want him to run due to an injury he had before. Takeshi Koike, the director of World Record said that, “The focus of World Record was the main character awakening the existence of the matrix” (YouTube Interview) Dan Davis was so powerful, that he was able to break the “existence of the matrix”, the narrator of the film said at the beginning that, “only… exceptional people become aware of the Matrix.

Those that learn it exists must possess a rare degree of intuition, sensitivity, and a questioning nature… ” This quote explained the power and control Dan Davis had over the matrix and over this own life, power, control and knowledge he wasn’t aware of. The agents realize that he wanted to wake up, and so they tried to stop him, “rendering his mind useless. ” murdering his career. In The Second Renaissance 1 & ll the filmmaker tries to use “news footage” to create realism among the audience.

The filmmaker is “clearly trying to show the complexity of the relationship between man and machine” (Animatrix101), which lead robots to gain control and power over humans, the difficult relationship causes tension that lead to deadly choices. In Matriculated, the filmmaker tries to show that something might be better if it is given the choice to choose. The runner is lured and connected to a matrix (designed by humans), so that he can witness the good side of being a human, such as: “love, humor, and playfulness”.

The runner is given the choice to covert and help humans. In World Record, Dan Davis broke his world record and woke up: breaking the matrix. The three short films have something in common, they don’t just share the Animatrix, but they also share: murder in a literal or figurative form. The main characters are given the power and control to have a choice and define their destinies. To conclude, choices made by the main characters led to murder (figurative or literally), through control and power.

The story “The Lottery”, sacrifice is shown to question the ability to keep the tradition for a longer period of time. In the short film, The Second Renaissance I&ll we witness the dead of the humans due to choice made. In Matriculated, we witness the death of freedom fighter and the choice for one robot to convert. In World Record, we witness the murder of a career, due to the choice that the power and control gave him. Murder can be literal or figurative; it can be caused by a choice made through power or control of one of the characters

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