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No Essay Scholarships: List of easy scholarships

Scholarships to pay for your college fees and living expenses are getting more and more fertile these days with contributions from various individuals, groups and institutions. Apart from the mainstream scholarships, there are atypical scholarships which are less demanding and worth trying to relax your financial burden like scholarships which do not require you to strain your mind to submit essays. Read on to see which no essay scholarships are in store for you.


Getting your state and federal government to approve of your particular request may quite be a daunting task. Using the services of will enable you to undergo the process in a fast and efficient manner. If you’re a student who is looking for scholarship grants, this site is the best place to find valuable options.



If you are already a working adult but you still want to go back to your studies, this Scholarship for Working Adults is one of the no essay scholarships for you. This kind of scholarship only requires the applicant to sign a simple registration form on their website and they will have the chance to win a $ 10,000 scholarship award. They only have to be 18 years old and above to enter the scholarship. The applicants are allowed to register every week of the competition periods to increase their chances of winning. They also have to submit a valid e-mail address or their mailing address for them to be contacted in case that they are the lucky winner of the scholarship.



FreeMilitaryScholarships is rewarding a no essay scholarship worth $10,000 to the lucky winner of the drawing and you do not have to sweat it out to apply for one. You won’t need to submit any essays, make any payment or go through long-winded forms and application procedures. And that is why this is one of the perfect no essay scholarships for everyone to get hold of. Parents, working adults and college students are welcome to apply for the scholarship for any educational purposes, from funding your tuition fees, purchase of textbooks and stationery to paying for training courses and classes. Members of the US Military and their family members are encouraged to participate in this offer and winners of the award are free to share their windfall with family and friends. To get access to the drawing, you need to submit the registration form online. There will be the moments of advertisements where you will be shown some offers by sponsors. Sign up for the educational offers if you are interested or skip them if they are not relevant to you. After browsing through the offers, your entry for the drawing will be confirmed.



Scholarships4Moms fit perfectly for those Moms who want to pursue their education but do not have the time and money to make this possible. Scholarships4Moms has the desire for Moms to pursue their career and have better opportunities for them. The registration for Scholarships4Moms is just easy. To register, the applicant must complete the registration form provided on the site. After their registration, they may view or request information from schools or about student loans. They can be the winner of $10,000 no essay scholarships to complete their education and have better a career.



It’s time to demonstrate your fashion senses by designing and creating prom costumes with duct tapes to win scholarships. 10 prizes, ranging from $500-$5000 will be given to the top 10 couples who manage to pull out a unique look with their fashionable prom outfits. To start taping and sewing a winning entry, you need to sign up as a member of the Duct Tape Club first. Then, submit a photo of you and your prom date wearing the prom costumes adorned with duct tapes to showcase your best design.



This is a great scholarship program which you can participate with fun and ease. It is a knowledge-based program where you will be answering short online quiz. Every correct answer will earn you 500 points while 1 point will be deducted for each second you take to complete the quiz. So, you need to be real fast and accurate while answering the questions. The participant with the highest scores will take home the scholarship money. The best part of this program is that a new set of quiz is open for contest every month, increasing your chances of winning a scholarship. All students are eligible to take part in the quizzes irrespective of their academic background.



Wells Fargo Sweepstakes is giving out 20 scholarships worth $1000 each to winners of the drawings. To earn a sweepstake entry, all you need to do is to sign up for the Wells Fargo CollegeSTEPS Program. The program welcomes all high school students, giving them a headstart in securing college fund and doing college planning.



By signing up as a member, you get to search for a host of scholarships and information, but most importantly you can earn entries for the sweepstakes which award a $1000 scholarship. You need to spread the great news to your friends, at least 10 of them and provide their email addresses to When your friends have successfully signed up as members of, all of you will be qualified to participate in the sweepstakes. The more friends you referred, the more entries you will earn.



SunTrust Banks Inc is offering high school students preparing for college as well as current undergraduates the opportunity to win a $1000 scholarship from the fortnightly sweepstakes. There will be 15 drawings where only 1 winner will be awarded the scholarship during each drawing. To be eligible for the drawing, you need to register at SunTrust Education Loan‘s website. There is no obligation to make any purchase or sign up for any of their products when you register for the sweepstakes. The award is neither merit-based nor need-based, therefore every student will stand a chance to win the scholarship.

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