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Marie Lu Legend Quotes Essay

In the book “Legend” by Marie Lu, I would like to have Day be my best friend out of all of the characters. Day has been nothing but caring throughout the whole book to Tess and other characters such as June and his little brother Eden, which is a characteristic that I really admire about Day. An illustration as to where Day was caring to Tess was when he met Tess for the first time. Day was on the streets by himself when he saw her in an alleyway. He called out to her and she ran away from him. Day could tell that Tess was really scared so him stayed put. He did not want to scare Tess, he only wanted to help her.

“‘Stop crying, I’m not going to hurt you. ‘I knelt down beside her” (Lu 85). This quote shows Day trying to take care of Tess, and kind-of act like a father-figure to Tess by trying to have her stop crying. After Tess was calmed down a little bit he knelt down next to her. As soon as Day realized that Tess had the flesh ripped off of her knees he tried to clean it for her. After Day cleaned her knees, he gave Tess some of his food because he could tell she was starving. Ever since that day, Tess has stayed with Day through all of his journeys while he has acted as her father and took care of her.

Another scene where Day was caring was when, June was in a Skiz fighting rink. In a Skiz fight, you are not allowed to leave the ring unless you have lost. Also, when you win your Skiz fight, you have to pick your next opponent. June was watching a Skiz fight and when the winner picked a little girl to fight herself, she stepped in for the little girl. Once June won the match, she tried leaving the arena. All of the spectators did not want her to leave so they collapsed on her. June held her own for all of a minute and then she got man-handled.

Suddenly I hear a pop and a few shrieks, and in the next instant they release me” (Lu 109). Day saw the girl in trouble and so he set off a dust bomb to save her. Once all of the crowd started reacting to the dust bomb, he urged June to get up and to follow him. He put out his hand and June took it and got up. June followed Day out of the Skiz fighting place and into the alleys. He had all three of them (June, Tess and himself) move at a quick pace so that they could get away from the Skiz fight. The reason that this is very caring of Day is because he risked himself to try and save June from the Skiz fight.

If Day did not go save June from the Skiz fight, June most likely would have been extremely injured or killed by the crowd. In addition to the reasons as to why Day is caring is, his little brother named Eden is sick. His family lives in one of the poor sectors so they do not have enough notes to buy cures for Eden. Day has been trying to save up all the notes possible to get a cure for Eden. Day goes around and makes money anyway possible. He bets on illegal fights and does whatever it takes.

Day is putting his own safety on the line to get enough notes to buy a cure for Eden so that he does not die. I’ve got sixteen hundred notes,? I whisper. I show him the pouch. ‘Almost enough for cures. How’s Eden” (Lu 140). This quote shows how Day is collecting notes for Eden. He is going out of his way to put money aside that he could use for his own benefit, but wants to use it to save Eden’s life. This gesture that Day is making shows that he really cares for Eden and wants him to be healthy. Throughout “Legend” by Marie Lu, Day has shown time and time again that he is a really caring person. For this reason I would like to have him a est friend. Setting –

In the book “Legend” by Marie Lu, one of the main settings in the arena where Day is going to be executed. This setting is not an ideal setting for anyone. While Day was being questioned for all of his crimes, the soldier who was questioning him, had it out for Day. According to the files, Day had killed her brother named Metias. He killed him while trying to steal cures to the plague for his little brother Eden. So when the person who was questioning Day did not like an answer that was given to her, she told her guard to go chop of all of prisoner 6822 fingers.

Day could only assume that this was his one of his brothers. “The prisoner is 6822. Cut off his fingers” (Lu 169). This quote shows the person questioning Day his no care for Day or his feelings, just herself. I would not want live there because i would not like to see people’s fingers being cut off just because someone did not answer a question the way that the interrogator wanted it to be answered. Another reason why this is not an ideal place to live is because, the arena where Day is going to executed, is also the place where all the trials happen.

The trial can decide if you live an amazing life or you have an awesome life, and you take this trial at the age of 10. By taking this trial at age 10, people’s brains are at different stages in its development so it is not fair for the kids whose brain is not as developed. The people who are grading the trial also have lied about people’s score. Day got a 1500/1500 and they said that he got a 672/1500. That means that he life should have been amazing but it was horrible. He lived in the streets with no job or anything. “Day didn’t fail his trail. Not even close. In fact, he got the same score I did: 1500/1500″ (Lu 187).

This quote shows how the people who were grading Days test score, lied because they had never seen a perfect score before him. They made it seem like he did awful. I would not want to live with people who lie because then not everything they told me would be the truth. I want to live with people who tell the truth. The final reason why I would not want to live in the arena where Day is going to be executed is, there is a firing squad lined up to execute John who is pretending to be Day so that Day can live. The soldiers drag John up to the firing squad and they pointed their guns at John and fired.

After the first round, some fired a little bit more. John had a bunch of bullet wounds in his body, from the people shooting him. It only takes one shot to kill someone, but they put around 10. “And then smoke and sparks pour out from the guns” (Lu 297). This quote shows how ruthless the firing squad is. The whole squad shot John at once layering him with bullets. I would not want to live their because I would be living with ruthless people who kill people as a living and do not feel guilty for killing people. In the book “Legend” by Marie Lu, the arena in which Day was supposed to be executed is not an ideal place to live.

The soldiers who live there do not care about anyone else there, the lie and they are ruthless which is not traits people want peopling living with them having. Conflict – The main conflict in the book “Legend” by Marie Lu is how Day has to try and escape from the Republic. Along the way he meets June who turns him into the Republic. But then helps him escape and now they are criminals together. They both try and start a revolution against the Republic. This conflict is man vs. society since it is Day vs. the government. The conflict is not resolved in this book.

Where the book leaves off is a couple of days after Day was supposed to be killed. But John stood in his place without the Republic knowing that it was John so he died instead. The Patriots rescued Day and June since June decided to join Day and leave the Republic after she realized how nasty the Republic was. So now the Republic is looking for both Day and June. “WANTED BY THE REPUBLIC” (Lu 1). This quote shows how Day is wanted by the republic. The Republic tries to find him in any way possible. They do not know what he looks like so they constantly make up a new look for a person but they have never actually guessed what Day looks like.

Another time where is shows the Republic looking for Day and June is after Day escapes his death sentence and they are looking for the patriots since they have Tess with them. The patriots are a organization who are rebelling against the Republic. “Should be hard for any patrol to track us in this weather” (Lu 302). If the Republic was not looking for them, they would not have to worry about a patrol going out and searching for them. A song that connects to the conflict of the book “Legend” by Marie Lu is, “Edge of a Revolution” by Nickelback.

The whole song is about people starting a revolution against the government, which is what Day has doing the whole book and June ever since she left her job as a soldier and joined Day. In the song, it sings, ‘What do we want? We want change. And how’re we gonna get there? Revolution” (Nickelback). This part of the song shows how they are not happy with what is going on and they want it to change The way that it is going to be changed is by a revolution. This relates to Day because he has been causing crimes throughout the whole book to try and start a revolution against the Republic.

One part of the book where this is portrayed is when Day is going to be executed soon, there was a huge uprising outside of the arena. “Protesters in front of Batalla Hall” (Lu 207) This quote shows how there are protestors in front Batalla Hall. That is the place that Day is to be executed, the arena. Another example in which “Edge of a Revolution” relates to “Legend” is when in the song, it states “No, we won’t give up, we won’t go away” (Nickelback). This quote shows that even if the revolution does not look like it will not work, they are not going to give up and they will keep on trying.

In the book “Legend”, once Day was captured by the Republic, he did not give up. He kept on trying and trying to find a way to get out. He even trying an escape on his own. While Day got somewhat far, he did not make it out. That did not stop him from trying. He ended up escaping with June and the Patriots’ help. The conflict in the book “Legend” is that Day and June are trying to get away from the Republic and start a revolution. The song “Edge of a Revolution” relates back to the book because both are about going against the lawmakers. Theme –

The theme portrayed in the book “Legend” by Marie Lu is that people have to do whatever it takes to help/provide for their family. One illustration in the book where this is shown is when Day disguises himself as someone who was in a fight so that they would let him in the hospital. After a little while he stumbles over to the security guard and pretends to fall on him and makes quite a big scene. While this was happening, Day stole the security guards security card. This way he could get into the laboratory where they make the plague cures.

Day said he needed to go to the bathroom and once he was in, he started taking off the metal crate covering the vent. Then Day crawled into the ventilation ducts and made his way to the stairwell. He bolted up the stairs to the third floor. He ran as fast as he could so that the alarms would not sound. He made it into the laboratory before the alarms sounded. “I grab the first person I see a young doctor standing in close to the door. Before any of the soldiers can point a gun in our direction, I whip out one of my knives and hold it close to the man’s throat” (Lu 29).

This quote is showing how once Day made it into the laboratory, he held someone hostage so that he could get the cures for his brother; Eden. Day made the doctor show him where the cures were and once Day got the cures he bolted. Day managed to get outside only with a slight wound from a bullet grazing his arm. Day was in a standstill, with a young captain named Metias. Day made first move and threw one of his knifes right at Metias’ shoulder. As soon as Day let go of the knife, he sprinted to the sewers.

He made it away. In this scene it is llustrated how Day held someone hostage and injured someone very badly to help his family get cures for Eden. Another part of the book where the theme is portrayed is when Day is taking care of June after they found her at the Skiz Fighting arena. He sees the bandages are soaked with blood so he tells her that he will change them for her. Day had to go out and look for these bandages. He eventually just decided to break into a home and steal them from the occupants of the house. Once he got back to where June and Tess were. He tooked off June’s bandages and started wrapping her with new ones. “We should change those bandages” (Lu 129).

This quote shows how the whole process started of Day going out and stealing bandages for June and making it so that her cuts would not get any more infected. This scene shows Day doing what is needed for June who is practically family to him right now since he is taking care of her and being her guardian at that point in time of the book. Late in the book, the theme is painted is when Day is soon going to be executed. When June, John and Day were all trying to escape the execution place, John realized that they were not going to escape and all three of them were going to be taken back and most likely killed.

So, he took Day’s blindfold and put it over his eyes. He walked back to the stage where Day was supposed to be killed and stood in for Day. The people who were supposedly executing Day did not realize that it was John who they were actually killing, killed John instead. “The image of John’s lifeless body displayed on the Jumbotron makes me light-headed” (Lu 298). This quote shows the time where Day realizes that he was supposed to be dead but John got killed instead.

When John took Day’s blindfold, Day was light headed and not aware of his surroundings which was what was slowing them down. This scene portrays how John got himself killed in order to save his brother’s life so that Day could live on and live a full life. The theme of the book “Legend” is people have to do whatever it takes to help/provide for their family. It is shown throughout the book in many situations. When Day stole the plague cures for Eden and when he stole the bandages for June’s cuts. Also when John stood in Day’s place for the execution.

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