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Micro-Fashion but Macro-style

Welcome ladies, gentlemen and microorganisms to the 2006 microorganism fashion show. This year we are in for a real treat, as none other than the truly lovely and talented Ms. Staphylococcus aureus will be modeling these years’ most fashionable stains. How exciting, lets get started. Here comes S. aureus down the catwalk in a most beautiful direct stain. This stain is perfect for any springtime outing. It is bold and will bring out the fine details of any microorganisms.

You can see that the majestic blue of the stain, made of the finest Methylene blue, accents S. aureus cocci shape well. Don’t worry Bacilli the methylene blue can also be worn long. A fine choice for any cell. Well as S. aureus changes into her next stain, I would like to take a minute to tell the audience a little about tonight’s model. Straight from the agar, Ms. S. aureus is quite a dish. Adaptive to many environments she says she has lived in a variety of places including air, dust, sewage, milk, and other environmental surfaces but her true passion is travel. When it comes to travel, her favorite way to move is by catching a ride in the nasal passages and throat of animals and over half of the healthy humans (Stehulak, Nancy).

Back to tonight’s show, here comes Ms. S. aureus in a stunning summer acid-fast stain. This stain is quick yet versatile it screams I’m different! As you wear it, you can flash red in a way that shows off your lipoidal myolic acid or you can wear it as Ms. S. aureus does in a delightful blue that proclaims I’m not that kind of Microorganism. Tonight’s star boldly proclaims, “ I’m not an acid-fast organism”. It is amazing how well that stain colors our model tonight; Ms. S. aureus’s morphology is a shiny, white even growth that you would not know with that fine apparel. Ms. S. aureus is the kind of microorganism any scientist would enjoy having under his microscope. With a personality to match her prokaryotic looks, she is quite a catch.

Her idea of a perfect evening is sitting down to a good meal. Whether it starts with her in the kitchen or going to a nice restaurant, she doesn’t mind. Although watch out boys, even though Ms. S. aureus is common at the scene of many good meals and called “staph” for short, she is anything but common to your appetite. Just her mere presents may cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, and prostration to her diner guess. You may feel sick with love when around her but it is probably food poisoning (Stehulak, Nancy). This time down the catwalk, Ms. S. aureus is sporting a nice light Gram stain.

Great for fall walks thought the leaves or for just staying inside the laboratory. This stain’s rich purple color is positively gram and is perfect for when Ms. S. aureus feels like saying I am Gram-positive about life. As Ms. S. aureus leaves to put on her last stain, I would like to comment on that last outfit. The Gram stain is perfect for wearing by your-self but is truly spectacular when with friends. S. aureus is happiest when with friends and is practically always in a staphylo setting so when she says that Gram stain is the best way to differentiate positive friends from negative friends, she is not lying.

If you desire to be one of Ms. S. aureus’s friends remember she enjoys staying inside during the winters and summers. She is not an extreme microorganism and prefers temperatures of 50 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (Stehulak, Nancy). Talking about temperature, Ms. S. aureus is heating it up for the last stain of the night as she walks this way in an endospore stain. These stains reddish pink colors wonderfully bring out the back ground for any microorganism. In addition this stain shows if the microorganism is ready to call it quits and make an endospore to try living again at a later date. This is a perfect style to accent the hibernating atmosphere of winter. As for Ms. S. aureus, she says no to endospores and is excited to live in the moment. Well, folks that is the end of this years Micro-fashion show. Thanks for coming and remember it maybe small fashion but it has big style.


Stehulak, Nancy. Staphylococcus Aureus: A Most Common Cause. Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet. Family and Consumer Sciences.1787 Neil Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43210-1295. Accessed Jan. 29, 2006.

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