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Little Boy Child Observation Essay

Tobserved three little boys on the climber and there was some unsafe action happening. Nick the little boy in the blue shirt and tan pants was climbing up the climber using the steps and wooden part of the slide with a wooden toy in his hands. There was another boy who was climbing up the climber walking, pushing a wooden toy up with him. The third boy was climbing up the steps. When Nick got to the top of the slide he slides down really fast. The other boys did not wait, they rushed down all fast with wooden toys spread across the front.

Nick ran from the slide to a car where another child was playing with it but he took it over. He did not talk to the child just burst in and started placing his cars on the rack to slide. Nick was doing parallel play with the children in his classroom not interacting with them. He was going all over the place from one toy to the other toy. He was in the corner looking behind objects trying to find one of the cars that road away. Another child asked the teacher what she was doing. She said “She was taking a picture of Nick with the cars. ” In the classroom the toys were all over the place and no labels.

A little boy was putting the lid on a bucket of toys and he took the top off and poured the toys out started playing with it. The boy walked away who was playing first and Nick started playing with the object for a few then got up and walked over to a corner with other friends. The little boy was playing with a car seat that had a slide for it to slide to the bottom in circles. Nick joined in beside the child just started to play with the cars placing his son and watching it slide. He was in the car set; something behind him had him staring at it for a minute.

He looked over to the teacher and saw she was recording him, so he got up and got in front of the camera. He walks away from it and then says something to the teacher. She said “Now you noticed me recording; I am all done. ” To be honest, I really didn’t learn anything from the video. I deal with these kinds of kids all day long and the behavior is normal for Nick’s age. The things Nick and the other children were doing were age appropriate; he will grow out of it. What surprised me about Nick, he did not notice the teacher was watching him the whole time.

He was into what he was doing the whole time, not acknowledging the teacher and what she was doing. The teacher just sat back and watches to see how the other children were going to react to Nick taking over and playing beside them. The other teacher noticed; she walked pass but did not see any interaction with the children. Development Stage and domains: The development stage I noticed with Nick is he was very active and always moving around. His attention span had not developed completely because he didn’t last long at anything he was playing with.

He was acting like a typical two year olds; everything is his, so he took what the other children had without asking. With social and emotional development, he was doing a lot of side by side play and not playing and interacting with the other children. He had fun playing by himself, but beside someone. He was using his physical skills, climbing up the climber, but not making a good choice the way he was climbing. He was using fine motor to hold on to the toy and climb at the same time, and using his hand and eye coordination to do the activities.

He was playing with like cars and pouring the toys out the box. He had great motor skills moving along the classroom and choosing where he wanted to go. The language skills were hard to pick up on because he was nonverbal. It looks like he may be lacking in language development. I heard another child being vocal and asking the teacher what she was holding during a conversation. He was helping his self to whatever he wanted; he didn’t need any help playing. It seemed he was very interested in watching what his friends were doing.

When he was parallel playing, he was following what the other child was doing. Typical Develop: The typical development I noticed with Nick was parallel play with the other children, and not playing together. For 24 months, the children “Enjoy being next to children of the same age and shows interest in playing with them, perhaps giving a toy to another child. ” (Groark, McCarthy, &Kirk, 2014) Also with his language he did not do much talking, mostly playing; the teacher should have talked to him more. He should have been talking to the other children.

But, since he is at parallel play he is just talking and not playing. I saw typical kids trying new things, and things they should not do. The thing which surprised me, was no interaction with the child by one of the teachers, while one was recording, the other teacher should have been talking to him. Development Support Strategies: The developmentally appropriate practice I would use in the classroom is to label everything to keep down confusion. The toys were scattered all over the place and the teacher was not interacting with the children, or correcting the wrong action.

I would support this stage of the children’s development by talking to them, and having open end conversations. The teacher was trying to get him in acting play, but both teachers could have played a part in this observation, so we could see more of his skills. My environment would have more centers with labels and rules, and how many would be allowed in each center. From watching the video it was very interesting to see other children in action, and how children act at different age development. When he noticed she was recording it was the end of what he was doing.

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