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Teenage Years Are The Hardest Times

Teenage years are the hardest times. Your having changes in your body, going through relationships, and trying to plan your future. When you go to look for answers, it seems like no one has them. Thats what starts teenagers to feel alone. When they feel this way they will try to medicate themselves by drugs and alcohol or violence. Studies show that teens who feel this way are Suicide, intentional, self-inflicted death. A uniquely human act, suicide occurs in all cultures. People who attempt or complete suicide usually suffer from extreme emotional pain and distress nd feel unable to cope with their problems.

They are likely to suffer from mental illness, particularly severe depression, and to Suicide is becoming a public-health problem. It is now the leading cause of death worldwide. Researchers believe mental illness in young people are the cause of the increase in suicide. Not only do suicides rates differ between age groups but also men and women. Men succeed in more suicides but more women attempt. Methods of suicide can differ from drug overdose to hanging. Poisoning or overdose is the least amount of suicide ates.

Hanging is the leading method worldwide. The United States has 60 percent suicides committed by guns. Where it is less easy to get a gun in Canada there is only 30 percent committed suicides. Only 15 to 25 percent of those who kill themselves leave suicide notes. People often think suicide is caused by difficult situations such as failure in school or marriage. Experts believe those are just triggers and its really caused by the brain, genetics or social forces. The majority of people who kill themselves are suffering from depression.

Researchers believe that genetics play a role in suicidal behavior. They believe it runs in the family. There are also some psychological theories. Suicides have three interrelated and unconscious dimensions: revenge/hate, depression/hopelessness, and guilt. said Karl Menninger. Many suicide attempts are a cry for help and to try to get attention. Soem socialogical theories show suicidal people dont know how to cope with stress well. They are also probably suffering from a loss of a family member. There are ways to help prevent suicide.

If recongized early you can get psychiatric help and get on medication. Some risk factors can be people with mental illnesses, or substance-abuse disorders. Hopelessness is shown to be the best predictor. Behavioral disorders also have a higher risk of suicide. These people complete about 90 percent of suicides. People with this may see suicide as the only way to a pained existence. Many people feel uneasy talking about suicide, especially surviving family members and friends. Most suicides can be prevented because the suicidal state

Suicide has a devasting emotional impact on surviving family members and friends. THe intentional, sudden, and violent nature of the persons death often makes others feel abandoned, helpless, and rejected. A family member or friend may have the added burden of discovering the body of the suicide victim. Parents often suffer exaggerated feelings of shame and guilt. Because of the socail stigma, or shame, surrounding suicide, survivors may avoid talking to others about the person who died, and others may avoid the survivors.

Despite these extra problems, research has shown that suicide survivors go through the same grieving process as other people who have lost someone. They will eventually recover from grief. Support groups may be helpful for There is a myth that suicide should not be a topic of conversation around depresed people because they would put this idea in their head. Suicide was once a crime. Now no U. S. state considers a suicide a crime. Helping someone complete suicide is criminally punishable in several states.

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