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Essay on Nonviolence Gandhi Movie Analysis

The power of Nonviolence Gandhi Everyone in his/her life there is always some kind of inspiration movies, books, or person when I read about a history about Gandhi; I try to find more about him. After learning and knowing more about Gandhi, he became one of my inspirations. Whenever someone talks about violence I give them an example of Gandhi. When a person thinks of ideas of nonviolence, the first thought that comes to his/her mind is that there must be a great person who loves his/her enemies with respect and is adored by every day.

He must be a great soul who is willing to die for others with non-violence, a person who never fights back and expects to endure suffering. Such person stands up against injustice, like racial discrimination and caste system. He/she must change the whole nation through the power of his/her soul. In India, Gandhi was one of the first human beings in recent history to explore the ideas of nonviolence. I was taught that Gandhi was called”Bapu” the fate of nations. And he was the principle of nonviolence. In this world, it is impossible for human action to be totally non – violent.

In history there have been a few examples of the power of nonviolence. As a result, Gandhi writing on the power of nonviolence has had a huge influence on history, politics and other fields too, because he was a strong extraordinary leader. Gandhi’s idea is based on primary Hindu concepts. According to the Gandhian Institution of Bombay savage Mandal Research foundation, non-violence is based on the ideas of “Satyagraha,” “Himsa” and “Ahimsa. ” These are a Sanskirt Word, Satya means “truth”, and Graha means “firm grasping”: Satyagraha means committing to the truth and remaining firm in the truth.

While istening to my father, who has more knowledge in history of Gandhi, I learned that Ahimsa is the positive force of mankind, which implies fundamental truth. On the other hand, Himsa means “violence” is the seed of sin, which often overcomes Ahimsa. A person has to have a power to understand themselves and self sacrifice to behave non-violently. It is very hard to understand these definitions because they explain the Gandhi’s principle to non-violence. To analyze his movie, I have to watch three or four times. The film Gandhi begins at the end, on the other hand, it shows Gandhi being shot by an assassin at public events.

He was killed because of the spilt of Hindu and Muslims in Pakistan and India. Making it clear that when Gandhi died it was a national tragedy. The Film goes back and shows Gandhi as a young attorney in South Africa. He was riding on a train and although he possesses a first class ticket, he is ordered to go to last class sit because of his status. He refuses to give up his first class seat and he was thrown by the conductor. After having success in South Africa, he returned to India and he was greeted as a national hero.

He tries to bring the same kind of change to the people there, but the British Authority tries to stop him and his followers form creating a more equal Society. British people that are in the government were the nicest dressed and it was all format outfit, Gandhi and his people were forced by British people and they were dominated because of the way they were their clothes. Gandhi and his followers make their own cloth in a very simple ways, and burn all cloths that were made or warren by British people. These are some accomplished that he did to become a national hero of India.

In Gandhi view “individual effort can change the whole universe, this practice of non-violence by one person can change people around him” if we started helping one each other little by little, we could change the whole world. All it takes is one act of courage and act of caring. There is no important thing in life that people can achieve overnight. Gandhi explains that the force is destructive: “Violence like water, when it has an outlet, rushes forward furiously with an overwhelming force. ” Violence leads people to more violence and destroys the moral laws of human beings.

Violence leads people to commend the murder, injury, and other crimes which are against humanity. It is also the main cause of conflict within families, societies, and whole nations. Therefore, Gandhi’s writing on non-violence is only the path to change the violent into peaceful and progressive human beings. Although, there are many methods of non-violence, people choose to be violent in this world. My personal experience with violence is a personal conflict that I had seen when I was in Nepal (civil war) I used saw six to ten deaths every day, neighbors used carried dead bodies by my doorway. I live with these scary minutes in my mind.

Gandhi said “Nonviolence cannot act madly. ” Throughout Gandhi what I have learned is that every human being has ability to apply the principle of nonviolence in the future. We should ask our self do the truth and compassion exist. Why we can’t try our self the principle of non-violence little by little in our life to make nonviolence exist. Watching Gandhi Movie and reading the article of his life was interesting and inspirational. The word Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world where there is life there is life. ” This quote will always be my inspiration and I will follow these words to be successful.

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