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Essay On Christian Worldview

Working in an overseas environment for the past ten years, I have gained experience in the world around us (worldview). We look through lenses to view the world. Everyone has a worldview, but do not have the same worldview. A person with a Christian Worldview is described as someone who has committed his or her life to the following and teaching of Jesus Christ. The essentials of a Christian worldview include God, Humanity, Jesus and Restoration.

According to Christianity, God is the self-existent One, having no need of being created, since He has existed forever and is the cause of all things, including the dimension of time, to which He is not subject. Likewise, God is not subject to the physical creation, but is spiritual in nature, residing in the spiritual dimensions of heaven. For since the creation of the world, His invisible attributes, “His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.

Romans 1:20 (NIV). According to John 4 (NIV); “God is Spirit, and God is a person”. From the very beginning of the only Creation story of the Bible – in fact it is speaking primarily of the re- creation story – God has planned to create a family. This is why mankind was made after the ‘God-kind’ and not any animal kind as evolutionist teach considers nature’s enchantment, wonders and infinities, creativity, mystery, metaphysics, alongside additional themes (Studying religion–diverse perspectives chapt 1 pg 267, n. d. ).

Human nature is that which makes us distinctly human. Our nature is distinct from that of the animals and the rest of creation in that we can think and feel. One of the main differences between humans and other creatures is our ability to reason. “We love because we are made in the image of the God who is love” 1 John 4:16 (NIV). God created humans like everything else (Stenmark, 2012). “The Bible teaches that human beings were created “very good” by a loving God” Genesis 1:31 (NIV), but that goodness was marred by the sin of Adam and Eve.

To be fruitful and multiply, to take dominion over the earth; to tend and care for the garden (Doctoral Statement 2015). God created humans to operate their life according to the wisdom of God’s kingly reign and to live wise lives, fear God, know God and love god. The root cause of human problems is sin. Everyone sins and this is why there is a great deal wrong with the world. Jesus was a Nazarene rabbi and preacher widely considered to have lived in the first century. His true identity is that he is the Messiah, Son of God and part of the trinity.

He was a man that walked the earth, but he is not an ordinary man. According to John 3:16 (NIV) “For God so loved the world that he gave us his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. ” The textbook tells us that Jesus is the word of God by which God spoke all creation into existence. (Chapter 6 Wisdom and Power of God). In Matthew 20:28 (NIV), “Jesus says that he did not come to serve, but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many”. Jesus came to redeem us from bondage of sin and death. Jesus is the center and focus of Christian Worldview.

Jesus life is an example of how we should live. He is d’s son and gave up his authority at birth to serve. He teaches that of those who we encounter, who appear to need help to teach us to be God Like and Christ Like. He did this to show us what we are supposed to do as his followers of him. In the New Testament, Restoration, the event around which the human heart is restored is called by faith. It receives its most sustained treatment in the book of Romans. Romans reveals that the issue of justification goes all the way back to the covenant with Abraham.

Recall that this covenant was the beginning of God’s plan to save humanity; through Abraham’s family. In short, to be a member of Abraham’s family, one has to be obedient to the Law of God. If one has been obedient, he or she is regarded as justified or righteous; if one has failed to keep the Law, he or she is unrighteous. The inadequacy of the Law was acknowledged in the Old Testament itself. if the Law could not adequately correct the corruption of the human heart. They felt that the old covenant must give way to a new covenant. This new covenant is discussed in Jeremiah 31:31-34. NIV) Both Jeremiah and Ezekiel indicate that this new covenant will consist of God gifting his people with a “new heart” Ezekiel 36:26-27 (English Standard Version) upon which was written the Law Jeremiah 31:33 (NIV). The Jewish and Arabic religion follows the old testament of law given to Moses. (Chapter 6 Wisdom and Power of God). “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Romans. 3:23 (NIV). On the Christian worldview, ultimately all of our problems can be traced back to sin in one way or another. Grace, defined in its simplest terms, is the unmerited favor of God.

This means that God did something for us that we rightfully did not deserve, nor could earn ourselves. Deep, lasting spiritual change is a process, requires desire, flows out of an intimate relationship with Jesus, requires discipline and is brought about by the Holy Spirit, as we exercise faith and obedience Spiritual change is possible (and assured) because of the new life we received when we were born again. To analyze Christian worldview, everything starts with your first nature, the one you’re born with. This nature is usually called the Old Nature or the Sinful Nature. The second nature is variable.

It is shaped through time and experience and it continues to shape and reshape as time goes on. The third nature applies only to believers. It is the one God graciously gives you at the point of salvation. Therefore, we are in the second nature which shapes are understanding, behavior and thinking of being like Christ. The word “confusion” has at least two different senses. In one sense, a person is confused if he does not know his own mind and is undecided. In the other sense, we say that a group of people is confused about a given issue if its members hold conflicting positions on it.

The benefits of being a Christian, 2006) When I reflect about the topic of worldview, most will recognize that what we are actually talking about are our beliefs. Now, intellectual belief is certainly the starting point for understanding worldview. By definition; a worldview consists of the assumptions we hold about the nature of reality. Taking on a Christian worldview means you “become” a person who lives life based on biblical teachings. It is not enough to “do” Christian things, we must “become” like Christ. Being comes before doing.

And when we become one who follows a Christian worldview, we will automatically “do” the things that Christ would do. A Christian worldview is held by those who not only believe the Bible intellectually, but who believe it to the degree that they can’t bring themselves to live life contrary to its teachings. Those who hold a Christian worldview recognize that God is a real person and have an objective personal relationship, and actually live in that relationship. However, we can continually move in that direction as we conform ourselves to the image of Christ.

Unfortunately, I have not follow my Christian worldview in a while. I still believe in that you have to go through Christ to reach the father and heaven. That you have to redeem your sins. In my closing remarks, the essential elements of a Christian worldview refer to the framework of ideas and beliefs through which a Christian interprets the world and interacts with it. Touching on God, Humanity, Jesus and Restoration. God created the universe and mankind in his image. We as humans have a nature and purpose because of God. God gave his son Jesus as the perfect sacrifice to take away our sins.

By his dying he has returned us to the good graces of God. Restoration gave us rescue, redemption and renewal. Rescue: God sending his son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins, Redemption: the granting of salvation occurs when you accept Christ as your savior the lord of your life by faith. Accepting God’s gift of salvation includes another R-repentance and Renewal: God the Holy Spirit comes into your life when you expect Christ and begins to transform you from the inside and you become new creation and begins a life that will lead on to eternity. (CWV-101, Lecture 5)

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