Branch Davidians Research Paper

The devastation which occurred at the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas, demonstrates the negative outcomes of the beliefs of a cult. In order for us to fully understand this devastation, we must first understand the faction of the Branch Davidian cult and its prophet David Koresh. History The Branch Davidians first appeared in 1942. … Read more

Book Of Romans Essay

The book of Romans was written by Paul, a Roman citizen, and firmly grasps the Jewish belief system. He was educated in the school of Gamaliel, and thought that the Jewish belief system was the only true religion that existed. Paul wrote the book of Romans specifically to everyone who wanted to hear the Word … Read more

Baptist Ministry

Within months, various committees were formed, missionaries were supported, and youth ministries were begun. Accountants, technology specialists, builders, pastors, and others all freely contributed as they were able, and the church had met every need. Beneath the surface of BBC’s practices are shared underlying assumptions. When remarking on the greatest need or weakness of BBC, … Read more

Essay on Radbertus Vs Eucharist

1. Compare and contrast the positions of Radbertus, Ratramnus, and Berengar of Tours on the Eucharist. The controversy regarding the Eucharist as we learned in class, happened in the middle of the ninth century. One party in the controversy was Radbertus Paschasius, who become a teacher at the monastery of Corbie. In his book entitled … Read more

Essay On Christian Worldview

Working in an overseas environment for the past ten years, I have gained experience in the world around us (worldview). We look through lenses to view the world. Everyone has a worldview, but do not have the same worldview. A person with a Christian Worldview is described as someone who has committed his or her … Read more