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Human Nature Essay

A mans nature and character is influenced by three factors; a natural disposition which is inherited, external circumstances dictated by people having direct and indirect influence on our lives and most importantly individuals conscious will and decisions. Shakespeare quotes and above all know thyself. This is the greatest and longest quest of a persons life. To understand ones own self completely, with all its strengths, weaknesses, fears, preconceptions, principles and ideals is a great task yet an incomplete one.

This knowledge becomes complete only when we know what shaped us and if we cultivate the will power to change ourselves for the better. For this we need to understand others No man is an island this is a universal truth. Man was meant to be a social being. Hence he was given a partner and blessed to increase in numbers and fill the earth. Every individual needs a close knit society around him which influences his emotional and moral growth.

People around us constantly help to modify our attitudes. I had often been told by my friends that I had a hot temper and that I should get it under control. I disagreed, believing that I never expressed my anger unless it was justified. This belief was shaken after I had several encounters with other people of hot temperament whose behaviour was founded on assumptions similar to mine. It was only then that I heeded the advice of my friends and conscientiously tried to control my temper.

The life histories of certain people can force us into a rigorous introspection that reveals our wrong attitudes and motivates us to change for the better. As a student in high school I feared mathematics; considering the study of the subject to be a prerogative of the gifted and an insuperable difficulty for the ordinary students. I started fearing all subjects needing a sound knowledge of mathematics, physics being one of them.

My teachers insisted that the problem was with my attitude, so did my friends and my family members. This set me dreaming. I nurtured secret thoughts of excelling in the subject. Moreover examples of people like Thomas Elva Edison who was declared a complete academic failure in junior school but, who motivated by his mother developed an indomitable spirit of endurance went on to become one of the most prolific inventors of the century motivated me.

Now I have developed a liking and interest for the subject and by Gods grace was able to secure 92 % in my tenth grade. The encouragement I received and the example of an eminent personality helped me understand my faulty attitude and inspired me to change for the better. Hence it is undoubtedly clear that we can explore our own personalities, accept and correct our faults only if we make an effort to study and learn from the experiences of other people and have people who gently show you the right way.

Our greater comprehension of other peoples attitudes and actions will help us explore our own character and nature. Often, people refrain from judging others and forgive their mistakes on the basis of mutual understanding. They see a bit of themselves in others. This understanding stems from the realization that they themselves in the given situation could have acted in a similar manner. Understanding breeds empathy and empathy breeds compassion.

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