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Immigration Act Of 1924 Essay

On May 26, 1924 congress passed this law that was to be called the immigration act of 1924. This act did many thing that provided limitations, and requirements to be allowed to enter the United States. The United states was a booming country. A lot of foreigners had wanted to enter the country in hopes of finding success. America had a reputation known as the land of opportunity. It had many pull factors such as free enterprise freedom of speech, and religion. America was growing country and was eager to expand, but America was starting to notice that we were receiving the dumb, the poor, and the sick.

America decide to act, and set certain limitations on what were expected when trying to enter America. Immigrants had a hard time trying to enter the country in the 1920’s. America made it extremely difficult to do so. The limits we set and, requirements we had were totally unnecessary. One will learn they exact requirements, and how the process really happened after reading thoroughly through the immigration act of 1924 bill. In the act, itself it states how a consular officer can now enforce laws that were newly instated. The act provides the requirements that are need to enter the country.

These equirements consist of a copy of the immigrant’s application. The immigrant needs to have the visa they were given with the correct nationality they come from. The Visa needs to specify whether, or not he or she exists within, or outside of the set quota. On the Visa, it too needs to have the date that visa at hand expires. The visa that immigrants carry may need to have additional information to make the process run smoothly. This was the first part of the process or as in the document, part A. Part B required that the immigrants had two photos of themselves.

One was to be their cover photo to their visa, and he other to be disposed of According to the document. Even though America was kind of being a little anal about the whole process of entering the country, they still were fair as far as their rules applied. In part C in the act it states that all visas have an expiration date on them. A lot of foreigners came on boat to America. Most of the time these visas would typically expire or be closes to expiring by the time they got here. The Act does have a policy for this as well though.

The act stated that that if a foreigner is headed to the United States continuously on a voyage thein his or her visa shall no expire. One should believe that this is noble of the united states to understand that these immigrants are coming from third world countries, and do not have the easiest of time make the voyage to the United States. Here is where the united states start to show their teeth as a un forgiving nation who follow their policy strictly. The act says any immigrant that has enter the united states prior to July 1, 1924 may be deported back to their home country, because it is in direct violation of set Act at hand.

America did not mess around with this law either they would take family from their homes a eport them leaving their jobs, and businesses behind to fall. It was quite cruel to the average civilian. The United States was very determined that everything would begin on July 1, 1924. The act says that everything will commence on July 1, 1924. The only Event that was allowed to start was the distribution of visas, and permit, but on the same note may not be redeemed until July 1, 1924. America also made sure that each nation sending immigrants got the same ration of allowed immigrants being allowed into the United States.

If they quota of 10 percent was met before July 1, 1924, then there would be a deduction to he number of future issues of permits and visas of that certain nation. They document states that the Visa which is good for up to 4 mouths well not start until July 1, 1924. If any alien were to arrive before the set date of July 1, 1924, then he or she will be dealt with by set policy witch more likely will get them deported back to their home country. America at the time was willing to accept people from all over the world but they wanted to make sure that they did it the right way. Can one really shame America for the way they handled it?

The Immigration act of 924 had many other way of limiting foreigners into the country. America was giving a literacy test to see if these immigrants were even able too read before entering the country. They test did not do the trick though, so America had to take their efforts to the next level. Congress got together, and brainstormed new way to set limits on immigration. A man named William P. Dillingham from Vermont had an idea to cut immigration call quotas. his background. He was known to be an expert in immigration. The quota was set at 3 percent of each nationality that had entered the united states in the year of 1910.

Not only was the uota set so low, but it was too used an outdated census. This law was outrages in the eyes off immigrates. With this law being set in motion it would mean only 350,000 immigrants would be allowed to enter the country each year. Congress had passed this law with ease but president Wilson did not think it was exactly fair, so he used his pocket veto. This did not do really any good though because, unfortunately he was already at the end of his term. President warren had just been elected in to office in 1921. He held a meeting at congress and reversed Wilson’s original say so to yes.

The bell was so well loved that they even ave the law a two year renewal when it was up for reelection. When congress got together to establish the actual immigration of 1924 many had wanted to rise the quota to let more people in. They instead like lowered the quota from 3 to two allowing less people in to the country. America then decide to use an even older census. They stopped using the census from 1910, and began using the census from 1890. In changing the census date back even further this hurt many nation as far as who was allowed into America. Many country had not had many people in the country prior to 1890.

When the quota was now 2 percent f the population that was in the united states before 1890 countries were omitted 0 people to enter the united states. A country that became enraged with this was japan. The Japanese’s government began to protest the law and demand that it to be changed, but America stood their ground, and let the law stand. This began to start negative tension between America, and japan. America had started to be so what discriminant toward foreign countries tensions were rising. One could believe that this was the first reason that Japan, and the united states had a conflict of interest.

If not being for the Great epression that came in later years, many other nations would more than likely would have become increasingly short tempered with America. The united States was a country the was traveling uphill with increadble speeds. They were the land of the free, opportunity, success, and free enterprise. No wonder why forigners had traveled mouths to get a piece of that success. America was smart though they need to make sure that they closely regulated the intake of foreigners. America wanted to make their own traditions, not just inherit other nations. American I believe had they right idea they just poorly executed it.

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