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Focused Fitness Ethics Case Study Essay

I. Introduction
Focused Fitness, a full-service gym, is committed to the health and wellbeing of its clients and has adopted a code of conduct in order to guarantee this extends past physical health. Its ethical principles and responsibilities apply to its employees, clients, and society. The following ethical principles apply to all parties involved in Focused Fitness operations, and this code implements rules to all employees and patrons of Focused Fitness and its affiliates.

Focused Fitness will grant the privilege of membership to those who are committed to these principles, and reserves the right to withdraw this privilege or discipline its employees accordingly if an individual’s conduct is inconsistent with the values and rules set…

Employee-Client Relationship: Clients are Focused Fitness’s number one priority, and Employees will ensure that their best interest is central to all physical fitness regimens and advice. Employees have the responsibility to maintain Client safety and to give Clients only the best quality services in the industry.
C. Conflict of Interest Avoidance: Employees and Clients both have the right to address any conflicts of interest. Focused Fitness Employees are not permitted to receive special gifts or favors from Clients, as providing the best quality services is already their duty to the Client.
D. Professional Relations: In order to maintain a professional environment, Employees and Clients should maintain strictly professional relationships.
E. Client and Employee Safety: Safety is every Focused Fitness stakeholder’s duty; if either Employees or Clients notice any safety violations or hazards, they are responsible for reporting these to Management.
F. Community Responsibility: Focused Fitness’s goal is to spread awareness of impending health concerns on the general populace. Focused Fitness only endorses supplement manufacturing companies which meet its stringent criteria in order to ensure Clients safety and wellbeing.
III. Code of…

Employees and Contractors of Focused Fitness may not endorse any product which is not sold by Focused Fitness, unless first obtaining special written permission from Focused Fitness Management. This includes fitness modeling, advertising, or marketing for any company which endorses other products.
3. Employees of Focused Fitness may not accept gifts from Clients or companies in the healthcare industry, including supplement and fitness equipment manufacturers.
D. Professional Relations
1. Employee-Employee and Employee-Client personal relationships are strictly prohibited.
2. Employees shall uphold all laws and remain disciplined in the course of their interactions with other employees and clients.
3. Employees have the responsibility to address any concerns with other Employees that exhibit questionable proficiency, impairment, or unethical/illicit behavior. Employees must remain accountable and are required to bring these behaviors to Management attention if behaviors are not resolved internally.
E. Client and Employee Safety
1. To maintain the safety of all Clients, Clients are prohibited from bringing guests to Focused Fitness without proper Management approval and guest passes. Guests are only authorized during staffed…

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