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Looking for an inspiration to kick start your essay?

Writing a proper essay from scratch can be hard. You drink a cup of coffee, eat a cake or candy, check out the fridge for something tasty, walk through your apartment but the muse still refuses to visit you when you need it so much!
We call it pangs of creation. Once upon a time we also had a hard time sitting frozen behind the desk and struggling to carve out the first couple of sentences. It is so frustrating. Especially, when you have no expertise on the given subject. Looking up the relevant literature in the library is time-consuming and actually predates the internet era. Luckily, nowadays, students can leverage the advantages of the digital age. Writing your essay paper could be easy and fun with a little bit of guidance from our side.

How does it work?

Well, we boast to have the most comprehensive and well-structured database of relevant excerpts that can be used as examples for your future writing. Once you know your topic you can look up the corresponding literature in our database of essays. Our papers are divided by the topics and authors. By signing up you get access to millions of unique textbooks from our database.

What are our principals?

Uniqueness and depth of the expertise are by far the main criteria of the essay examples. How do we guarantee quality? Well, before getting to the subscription service each textbook is checked against the world wide web for duplicates and also compared against other pieces of content in our inner database. Duplicates are not allowed into the system. What is more, when a member of our site reserves a certain paper it is automatically excluded from public access. So as you can see, these algorithms prevent plagiarism issues and ensure you end up with unique content.
We have assembled a dream team of gurus in various academic disciplines to facilitate expertise when compiling and adding new paper works. That means each subject or topic that we have is being reviewed by experts. We always prefer narrow specialists to “jacks of all trades” when hiring new people to join the team. Each freshman has to pass a test of proficiency to keep the team’s expertness on the highest level.

Honor code

Our mission is to help students succeed in completing academic assignments without violating the school’s honor code. Present day school programs pose a lot of pressure and require quick results. We save you a little bit of time and nerve which you can spend on other activities to your liking. Terms and conditions of assessment are set by your academic institution. Please, read them carefully and refrain from breaching the rules as it may lead to heavy consequences like a penalty, suspension or expulsion. On our side, we guarantee the compliance with the rules of your school or college in terms of cheating or plagiarism issues. As we have stated above, each paperwork stops being available for use by other members once you reserve it for yourself.

Types of services

Essays Database - the name of the service speaks for itself. Here you can find tons of essay examples providing a clue for your writing task. This is a perfect way to unlock the power of your brain by providing the ready-made examples on the topic of your essay be it English literature and Shakespeare, math, biology, history or any other subject.

Textbook Hub - is a huge selection of guiding materials from subject experts to help you better understand different complicated issues. The aim of the service is not only to spit out the correct answer but also help you get the idea of how to crack the question at the exam.

Key values

Be unique

Doing what most of the students do will get you average results. If you want to really prosper, be different. Try to find a unique angle.

Learn Fast

We are living in an extremely fast-paced world. Technologies change and evolve so you need to keep your tabs on the latest trends to stay tuned.

Be proactive

You are responsible for your success. Do not wait for a chance. It might never come. Find opportunities instead. Deliver on top to exceed the expectations.