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Essay about Mission Trip Reflection

Many people go on Mission trips to support other communities that are in need, but some go for the many friendships and experiences that last a lifetime. I went on Mission Trip 2015 to Eagle Butte, South Dakota for both reasons. I had always remembered day three of Mission Trip 2015 because I helped the Cheyenne River community, made friends with people from around the state, and renewed old friendships with people from my own school.
It was barely eight o’clock in the morning when we shuffled into the city hall building, eyes still filled with sleep. We were there to discover what our work project was for the day. As Danny and I went to sit on the bench, Nathan cracked jokes and tried to keep everyone awake. We all sat in the tiny, cramped…

Our friend groups just never got along.”
“It sucks that our groups don’t get along better.”
“I am just glad we have gotten to become friends. Maybe our groups will follow us, and get along with each other.”
“Hopefully! We need to get back outside and work though before Mr. K comes in and yells at us, though.” Danny and I continue back outside, and helped finish priming the building. Once done, we all brought the supplies back to the office. The lady at the front desk thanked us for all our hard work on our way back out to leave. As we got on the bus and left, I felt fulfilled for everything done that day.
Day three of Mission Trip 2015 was unforgettable because I was able to help out the wonderful Cheyenne River community, I made new friendships, and reconnected with old friends. I was blessed because I was able to help out such a wonderful community and it inspired me to help back in my own town. I also made new friendships that I would cherish for the rest of my life. As well as reconnected with friends from my own school. Going on mission trips seemed pointless to some people, but they had given me experiences that I remembered for the rest of my…

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