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Essay about Hate Crime In Americas Justice System

Hate crime is an offense such as murder and torture that contains an element of bias as to why it took place. “56. 9% of hates crimes that have taken place are due to race and ethnicity” (Racial Justice). Since origination America has had racial discrimination taking place. Hate crimes have been around since before World War 1 and racial instability and profiling continues to still play a large role in America’s characterization today (Omi).

Although some believe that America has sufficiently progressed over time, inequality, racial injustice, and hate crimes still take place, and in order to ensure a better future for the youth and ensure equality for all, citizens must raise awareness about these issues and unite in speaking out against them. Currently in America we have been witnessing a large flow of racial discrimination and hate crime taking place. Though we are not in the 60’s, a lot of these crimes taking place relate back to civil rights and the crimes that took place during that time. 8% of whites and 8% of blacks believe America has made the changes for equality for blacks. 40% of whites believe that America will eventually make a change for equality and 42% of blacks agree. 11% of whites believe the country will not make a change to offer equality, and 43% of blacks agree. (Racial Injustice) There is not a common ground of agreeance about whether or not America has truly changed from the past, but it is clear that America does not offer equality for all. Acceptance for all is something that has been fought for over many years.

Racial discrimination has prevented people from equal opportunity and equal treatment for a very long time, and generations later, it is still being encountered. Majority of whites felt the logical reason why racial inequality was taking place was because of reasons such as not having the same education levels, living in poverty, and lower class jobs. Though segregation in schooling isn’t legal anymore, there are districts of schooling where the funding and support of education is significantly lower not offering as good of an education as other better school districts where minority percentages happen to be lower.

When whites were asked what it would take to change discrimination and hatred, over a third stated that it is important to first find what racial and ethnic groups have in common (Racial Inequality). Many believe that the US has achieved the goal of ending civil rights and equality for all. Currently there is inequality in criminal justice, inequality in education, affirmative action, & racial rights (Racial Justice). Since the 60’s changes have been made and a fairly good percentage of blacks have college degrees and successful jobs, hate crimes are still taking place. What does it profit a man to be able to eat at an integrated lunch counter if he doesn’t have enough money to buy a hamburger -MLK” (Racial Justice). In 2008 when Barack Obama became President, it opened a lot of doors for racial equality and equality for all. It was a major force of acceptance, due to him being the first black president, and changed some perspectives of what african americans could bring to the table. Issues within America’s justice system have been questioned over the last century. Not only does ideas and beliefs create unfair living to some, racism has been exercised through political power (Omi).

Statistics have shown that people of different ethnicities are less likely to receive substantial justice or fair sentencings when being trialed. Racial bias is currently reoccuring in our justice systems. Racial injustice can’t be achieved until we work together to prove the past isn’t the present, and we all have equal opportunities and accept all. “The laws we now see, are in need of a course correction” (King). The Declaration of Independence was a vision for America stating that the people would be free and equal, this being said

America’s government and justice system are meant to protect the US, and the citizens of the country. They should not have to question if their country is against them (Racial Justice). Jim crow laws were created for a reason, it is important to know your rights in order to fight against unfair treatment in society and the justice system if need be. The laws are being taken advantage of and are too vague on basic constitutional and human rights of decent Americans. (King) Laws are set to have order within the country, but laws are not being enforced equally when it comes to hate crimes, or sentencing of different racial ethnicities.

Though racial classification was outlawed by civil statutes passed during 1960m disparities still remain, preventing some from achieving true racial justice. (Racial Justice) America is full of hate and extremism when we are supposed to be the land of the free, but people are fighting to live their lives freely. Creating an effective system that anyone can turn to for equal justice and treatment would change inequality percentages over 25% (Racial Injustice). Our law enforcement plays a large, important roles within our communities.

They are their to protect citizens, and help defend them when in need. Lately in the news we have seen reverse roles being played upon law enforcement officers. There have been multiple cases of citizens and law enforcements, and many of those cases have been involving racism, discrimination, and excessive force involving law enforcements. Studies have shown police officer are more likely to pull over blacks or hispanics than whites (Racial Injustice). With the help of the news, within the last four years a lot of attention has been brought to these cases.

New York NYPD realized how important it was to keep positive relationships with citizens in their communities and trust within their officers, so they created the Stop-and-Frisk law. This law requires the NYPD officers to wear body cameras at all times when on duty. Body cameras create a trust within citizens and officers, making it easy to communicate when crime takes place. If body cameras were enforced there would be no excuses for not having knowledge of what took place during and incident, if one took place.

It is critical that officers be disciplined if they break rules or commit crimes against citizens. The NYPD has made this in contract, that they will be equally punished (Racial Injustice). Hate crime committed by officers creates more tension within the world. It isn’t reasonable for law enforcements to fire their arms against unarmed people. Police gun usage should be limited to only life or death bases. (King) As citizens joining together and supporting each other through hard times and fighting for what is right will make a larger impact than one person fighting for what is right.

When hate takes place as a citizen you are faced with two choices to either do nothing and let hate take over or take a stand and speak out. This being the 21st century, today there is social media to help put awareness and help fight the justice system. Social media is the modern form of communication that the younger generation uses to massly spread information. In order for hate to be stopped, hate has to be exposed and denounced. Drawing attention to what is going on allows others to know wrong from right (Ten Ways to Fight Hate).

Using protest, social media awareness, and promoting within America are ways that Americans can help make a change, and let others know that they are not alone. Standing up for rights, and not letting hate crimes or injustice take over is how everyone can help improve the future. Groups such as the NAACP, CCR and more focus on setting up effective ways to advocate for minority rights. Joining together with co-workers, friends, schools, civic groups, and neighbors creates unity and a stronger force and shows what is taking place isn’t acceptable.

In order to make a stronger presence known fighting hate also needs community leaders with large roles to take a stand such as Mayors, Police Chiefs, CEO’s of companies, School Administrations etc. (Ten Ways to Fight Hate). Change in America must take place in order to ensure a better future for all. Americans must unite together to make change in order make an impact and stand against inequality. America is the land of the free where freedom and equality is ideal, if change isn’t made and all lives aren’t supported we are not living up to our country’s initial purpose and standards.

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